[3.12] Fivers Frost Blades Raider ||| Clears all content |||

Awesome build! I love the depth and detail you put in to this.

My only question so far is whether the current cluster jewel set-up is min/maxed after the 3.12 nerfs to the medium clusters that you heavily rely on.
How do I deal with curses without a warding flask? I see nothing about it in the guide.
TheOne320 wrote:
How do I deal with curses without a warding flask? I see nothing about it in the guide.

it's simple, get a warding flask lol

I'm personally running these flasks (got a corrupted blood jewel)

Could replace a defensive flask with Lion's Roar though, I'm not 100% sure yet if I really need the evasion from jade flask or not.
Is replica Farrul's better if you can afford? This way we have endurance gen and can still get power charges with assassin's mark ring?
why not use wathcers??
are my gloves any good? i think double curse op. assassins mark + elemental weakness lot of damage with gloves. can have third implicit of 10% as which is even better, so beyond +2 max frenzy rare gloves i think these are better than shaper's touch, although u dont make use of any other annointment with whispers of doom.
kinda newb here.
idk if asked but could not find it.
anyways frost blades+multistrike and elemental damage with attacks are core ofc.
what u think about melee physical dam.-ice bite and added cold damage?
since we have max frenzy charges ice bite seems better than hypotermia is it not?
On CWDT link, I swap Golem to Increased Duration for better duration sustainability on Immortal and Blood Rage
Golem on 3 link with Culling, Minion life to make balance damage and toughness of minion
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