Patch 3.1.3

How about that nasty fixing that nasty DirectX 11 client crash? Failed to uncompress texture file?
Happens a lot and everything I could find on forums didn't help. And no statement from GGG side.
Great work GGG :)
ANYTHING to help FPS/performance is welcomed... thank you for addressing this in at least a small manner. Yes, the DirectX11 fiasco is sad too :(

When does the patch go live? It is Friday morning now in NZ, but 3.1.2 is still up and running.
cipher_nemo wrote:
Thank you for the performance fix of burning ground.

Even better: give us an option to toggle all ground effects into a simple shading that doesn't tax the rendering engine so much.

Couldn't have put it any better. I will buy a supporter pack if this gets implemented.
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FNX_Heroes wrote:
Lordosmosis wrote:
We need an improved rng of the liches. I only have 5 from many hours of play. Disappointed in GGG over this issue. :(

/trade 820

Did this fix the Fire armor set for xbox
so what time will the patch be released?

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Thanks for the patch. Burned ground has been the most avoided map mod for me, for both performance and "cant see shit" reasons
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