Patch 3.1.3

Just hoping for a Abyss Depths/Lich rework here, would probably mind a lot less if we didn't need to find fifty for the challenge :)

Plus, the depths are quite.. time consuming and unrewarding. Often times I prefer just the trove to spawn - cause often you end up with better rewards. I mean, if every depths had a Lich, then it would feel like a real league.

So far, with the bad map drop rates which are making maps more expensive then freaking exalted orbs, the lich spawn rates and other issues... This league needs some work.

Harbinger League was not the best either, but at least the boss at the end always spawned, lol. (and beachhead map? I LOVED that map, BEACHHEAD WAS AWESOME). And I miss binding orbs ;-;
johnbell2 wrote:
FNX_Heroes wrote:
Lordosmosis wrote:
We need an improved rng of the liches. I only have 5 from many hours of play. Disappointed in GGG over this issue. :(

/trade 820



But today's patch should help you :)
Fixes to burning ground are AWESOME... much better, thanks very much GGG for making that portion of the game experience much easier to work with.

Now... let's see if we can get the ice effects performance fixes in. Playing for example when "Ice from Above" prophecy is in effect or when battling Merveil needs some work for sure.
Sorry GGG but poe is still unplayable. Just say the truth that the minimum requirements are for i9 systems, 50gb ram or something. And still it might be an rng matter if poe will run right. There is a point while leveling when the fps drops start to mess with gameplay and we buy items thinking "Will this keep me safe from fps drops?". Just change the modes to something realistic like "+#% chance to come out alive from a barrage of tons of stupid fxes that drops fps to 1/s".
the game crash like 20 times a day. Some times i can't start the game like 5-6 times, sometimes just try to teleport to the town or go to some area and the game crash...i don't know if the problem is in me but it's really annoying
i got it ! The game crash because of loot filter. When i turn it off it's ok. I use NeverSink's filter.

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