Patch 3.1.3

Not bad :)
We need an improved rng of the liches. I only have 5 from many hours of play. Disappointed in GGG over this issue. :(
I've encountered some performance issues with burning ground when using the Soul of Abberath Pantheon with the increased Movement Speed upgrade; does this patch include that?
I like you.
about damn time....this ground effects are sh*t.
GGG's awesome. Thank you.

New burning ground effect is LIT. I usually use soul of abberath for the pantheon so now I will look even more dank standing on the burning ground and not taking damage.
Fixed a bug where some Rogue Exiles were not counting towards the "Kill Rogue Exiles" challenge.
Thanks, i thought i was going crazy.
Patch notes make me moist.

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