Patch 3.1.3

no blood rage bug ? i got a bug with leech //can't see my life leech but can tank one damage wiht 500life... lul ?
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Thank you a lot!
Support SGT leagues:
We have made a new effect for Burning Ground which doesn't have the performance issues that the previous one did. While it has a few visual bugs still, we are releasing it for feedback and to get the improvement onto the realm as soon as possible. We plan to update the other ground effects in a similar way in the future.

i hope it isnt another 1.5 gb patch
And this is exactly why I keep supporting this game by buying in-game cosmetics.
Thank you!
A bug with FrostBlades still not fixed..


replace the coordinates is it so difficult for you? x=-1 with x=1

I can\t believe in dis sh*t

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cant wait

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Kool red ground had hard time to see bleeding an etc sure keep eyes on health among another 100 things think Tora said it best Never said this jpb would be easy LOL
Please add Elreon bug to next to do list.

Elreon only shows his mission to the player who accepts it, in group. Not consistent with other masters.

Also, for the longest time, flasks:

Do not make sounds when

picking them up straight to inventory

crtl clicking to stash from inventory

crtl clicking to inventory from stash

placing them back in inventory

placing them in flask window

Do make sounds when

picking them up from ground when inventory is open

picking them up from inventory

picking up from flask window

This is the only item, as far as I am aware, that has these inconsistencies with pickup and put down sounds.
100% Ethical, most of the time.
Please give flasks an item sound.

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