[3.1][Slayer/Reave/Blade Flurry] Embrace the Madness [Oni-Goroshi/Budget to End Game]

It's just for the phys damage. It's not an ailment oriented build so this part won't add much damage.
Hello, is there a way to run this build as a ranger? I mean ofcourse I can run it with a ranger but would it be weaker or something? Can you enlighten me about this matter please? I am a newbie so sorry if the question is kinda strange.
Yeah I think there might be a way. From the Ranger starting area get the life and evasion rating nodes to Finesse then take the +10 dex nodes to connect to my skill tree. Unspec duelist area then. I don't really know that much about ranger but I think Raider is the best ascendacy for this kind of build. Get Way of the Poacher then Avatar of the Slaughter. After that get either Avatar of the Veil or go for Avatar of the Chase.
Avatar of the Chase gives more dps but you should be on perma onslaught to fully benefit from it. That would be easy on maps but requires a silver flask on bosses. Avatar of the Veil gives less dps but you have almost perma phasing and attack/spell dodge chance so I'd rather take this one.

Compared to Slayer you get more dps to balance the loss of 20% culling strike. You have less life and life leech and no over leech so you'll maybe need to manage the damage from Her Embrace when you're not leeching. Can be achieved easily by swapping your weapon I guess. You won't be immune to stun and bleed while leeching so you should get an anti bleed flask.

Here's a quick PoB pastebin I quickly made to give you an idea. Can be optimized if you know ranger better than me.
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Hey!First of all thanks for the build,it's really good imo.I do have one question,is it better use
instead of a rare amulet?I dont need anymore resistances,i have enough stats,the only thing that i gain from having a rare amulet is like 200 health.
Thank you very much :)

Carnage Heart is not bad for the build but definitely not the best. If you don't need res/life just get a rare amulet with flat phys + accuracy + crit multi and you get so much more dps than with Carnage Heart. You could also get some nice stats like mana leech so you could unspec the leech node near Vaal Pact or life gained on hit to boost your leech.
Do you have plans to update this quick before the league starts?

Greek Community!
Actually I didn't think about it yet. I won't be playing it as a league starter for 3.2.
At the moment all that we know is the ascendancies are getting revamped. Slayer was in the 4 most played ascendancies. It might get nerfed or just revamped but I don't think it will get buffed. If some people are interested in an update before league starts I'll do it when we have more information about 3.2 Slayer and/or the full patch notes.

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