Meanwhile Bisco is 18+ Ex


Bisco's collar is like 60c in standard (around the correct price compared to all other MF Items) and 18ex+ in ladder.

Just wanted to quote this again to show how retarded the sheep are in this game. Is bisco's good? Yes. Is it 18ex good? for 99% of the people that own one... no fucking way.

If I dropped one today I would sell it instantly. Streamers have hyped this shit to the end of days...

The benefit is that as a result all other really good amulets are dirt cheap right now... so I hope they keep up the hysteria!

You can sell Bisco's and get your investment back anytime though. If you think about that, Bisco's is probably awesome no matter how much and how you play actually.

No good ammy is crazy cheap now though. Nor unique, nor rare. So unless you find bisco's there is really no benefit for you if that is super expensive.
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Mind linking me to that guy? 20% more map drops and really random sounds like you wouldn't be able to make a yes/no with any confidence, and thus legitimately need more data to make a valid decision.
But like, it'd be nice to have some actual data.

Lul that sample size.

Bisco's, at this price at least, absolutely isn't worth it for the vast majority of players.
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Good, he should reply to one of the people who asked him in the mechanics thread so we can cite it on the wiki.
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Chris just said Biscos doesn't affect map drops on the Zizaran stream today, lol gg.

When bs gets so out of control, Chris himself have to step up.
Completed 24 ChallengesDuodecimus wrote:
Good, he should reply to one of the people who asked him in the mechanics thread so we can cite it on the wiki.

Why? It was common knowledge that IIQ on gear doesnt affect map drop rates but people still had to get all memed out and act like their was a bug or something lol

The wiki is there to hold knowledge. Currently, there is no written confirmation that the specific wording of Bisco's drop rate (in a way similar to the 'I do more damage' and 'enemy takes more damage') also falls under the patch 0.9 IIQ doesn't work on maps reference. Until there is, we won't put it on the wiki, and noobs won't know.

Basically right now Google can't tell you if Biscos works on maps, and that's bad.
Got one Bisco dropped a week ago, it was a good roll.

Sold it asap - I am nearly done with the league and 19EXA is 19EXA :D
Bisco is going down btw?

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