Is there a way to report scammer?

Completed 36 ChallengesPez27 wrote:

While there is nothing in place for services, when you accept a party invite agreeing to pay for someone's services, then if you do not meet the agreements, you have scammed the other player out of what you agreed to pay them for their time and effort.

trusting other players who promise rewards over chat is non-sensical in a game where players kill each other in bandits quests or even play competitional party play with "free for all" loot allocation.

you can put yourself into our selfmade safe zone of "but he promised me something" but since there is no instance to enforce promises on players (no game master will ever bother with that) the rules of the internet apply which means there are no rules.


if you want players not escaping your selfmade hideout waypoint cover, take elreon's bookshelves. no skill can warp over them.
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