Something is wrong with Map Drop rates...

Im not as far along as some of you but my experience has been the same.
I think I only have 45 unlocked.

Im buying most of the maps to unlock. I have been only playing solo.

It sure feels like something changed drastically.
I've gotten up to T10, but I'm not seeing many lower tier drops... just at or higher than the one I'm running. It's like they cut out lower drops because people complained about getting them. Now that there's a need for them, they need to put them back.
I don't Harb it was great, smooth progress.

In Abyss I've bought a few maps from Zana just to unlock and never did that in Harb. Typical map run in Abyss give only maps that are 2-3 tiers below - like wtf? Something is broken, progressing is nearly impossible without reverting to trade.

I've lost considerable interested in Abyss. What a sad league!
Harbinger is a bad example... they basically removed all barriers to progress with the orbs they were testing out.
From my point of view, 3.1 require some chisel using starting from t9-10 rather than from t12 like i did in harbinger. It can be forced becouse of increased atlas bonus that leads to hipotethic more maps if u get high enough bonus. Old t10-11 runs slide to new t9-t10 runs. Low red maps now require much more effort to sustain compared to Harbinger (and its not becouse we lack of dem orbs). Lvl 90 in harbinger i had full page of red maps, lvl 90 in Abyss i have like 15-20 reds so far, this also affected by fact that i convert all t9< before with 3:1, now i keep white and yellows for shaper influence control.
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I think an easy way to fix not getting the map that is linked is to make linked maps have higher priority then other maps if its locked still... like the way you can only get maps linked to start with it only makes sense

About to do last map

Droprates are bad considering how many maps there are,it does not make me mad that more t16 do not drop but that i do not get all 20kinds of previous tier.
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this is what happens when you give free candies to new players when they start playing . Let me explain .Map drops were always this terrible even worse and then ggg rebalanced / destroyed it by only boss dropping upto +2 to push , idk bossing gameplay .

Then 3.0 came out and ggg went huge on marketing and it brought in tons of new players and maps upto t16 started dropping like candies .This and the stupid harbinger unique map is reason why that league had skewed ration of lvl 100's . And ggg ended up nerfing exp but thats diff story. Pretty much everyone who played before that knew this was not normal and lo and behold its back to normal. Denying that ggg doesnt change drop rates is just living in naive bubble . They do this all the time recent example how everyone kept getting 2 - 3 or even more exalts on last sunday. But anyways now since people are used to harbinger drop rates specially the new players who didnt know better this sucks more . Also is blatant obvious drop rates are nerfed.

They just fear admitting it because of the huge community outcry it will ensue , like many times in past go dig up reddit posts where chris says they wont be making any future nerf announcements and the no fun allowed meme.

All things being lets see how it goes since people are selling it and you cant sell without sustaining on your own so someones getting them not just the ones buying.
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They could propably make it bit easier by making running a zana mission allowing to drop any map within its zone level range. Including ones undiscovered by player.
Ok then, time to buy all maps.

Why isn’t PoE trade built into the game already?

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