Twilight Temple Map

This is fucked up. I guess I just wasted an expensive map because of GGGs sense of humor.
I tried with only moon. It still does not work... :(
after a 2nd attempt..yeah just pick a side sun or moon and active a portal... 4 moons or 4 suns.

25 lost here too. Those switch from the floor dont work, waste of currency, and freaking waste of time trying to figure out what happened, reading about it, writing about it...

finnished it twice. no problems at all.
finnished it twice.
I don't know will it help or not. I also got 2 monsters remaining and thought my map is bugged. But, to actually spawn the red portal you must press the last 2 buttons right beside the portal's spawn spot. They do nothing and seem inactive but just walk over them and portal will spawn.
Good luck.
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this is still bugged, and we've crossed into the realm of disgusting as far as communication from GGG. this has been a known and confirmed issue for OVER a MONTH.
bugged for me as well, thats kind of pathetic to have such a huge broken component of the game they dont bother to address whatsoever.
There's no powercreep here. Creep implies it's slow and could be overlooked, this is a full out sprint.
Narwhalman001 wrote:

Bugged for me also , 2 mobs remaining and none of the switches working for me

Can confirm picking 1 side works :) thanks for posting that guys.

me too

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