Twilight Temple Map

did this map 3 times after the issues again.
haensel wrote:
Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented completion of The Twilight Temple map.

This one is for all the smartholes who stated that the map is not bugged.

Mmmhm. Thank you.

鬼殺し "Nice to see the bots are literate at least."
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鬼殺し "A Sarnful."
I just tried to do this one today - stepped on all 6 plates. only 2 bosses (sun still shooting fire at me). No portal.

Am I missing something?
Can somebody explain why this map is so damn expensive?
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You have to go up to where the two sides meet on the other side of where you start the map from. There you will activate the last two steps/stones/traps and the portal to the arena will pop up..

Hope this helps!
Still bugged as of 8/12/2018
Literally unplayable. Just wasted 25c on this map, 0 monsters remaining, can't complete it.
Done both bosses, got both shields, used vendor recipe.. Still not completed on atlas. 0 monsters left, bosses dead.. Cant figure it out.
i found it after tied to searcing a portal...after finish stepped on all 6 plates. you go on the top map, and u stand between lunaris and solaris (red and blue) after you standing there a portal will be respawn :)

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