Twilight Temple Map

Still not working on 8th of November 2018 ...

I did all plates, killed ALL monsters,
Did one of the bosses, couldn't spawn other boss' portal

BUT Zana's quest completed (complete the map)
And still no map completed on the atlas...

Can't you fix it GGG ??
Zana's daily unique maps don't count for your atlas/achievement completion. I guess they count as her maps. Or something.
Regular twilight temple worked fine for me about a week ago.
Map is still bugged, ty for 25C waste.
I just had this problem and this worked:

The arena portal didn't show. I left the map with a portal scroll. Re-entered the map. Backtracked to the beginning, then walked all the way back to the arena portal.

Then it popped.

It's worth a shot if you can't get the portal to spawn after the six switches.

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