Twilight Temple Map

I'll throw my hat into the ring too. I didn't figure out that you were supposed to hit the switches until pretty late into full-clearing it. Pressed 4 of the switches, running over the 2 closest to the spawn-in point did nothing at all.
bugged for me too.
Was bugged for me too. Ran around like a rabid chicken. Then I went back to hideout and tried one more time. The portal was there.
Same here... I had the elder boss on this map too. Only reason I ran it was to fight elder =/

Ran over all 6 switches, tried to port in/out, 2/3 of the switches didn't spawn a battle and no portal, disappointing.
map is bugged
+1 bugged for me as well
How in the hell was i supposed to figure this shit out?
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It's not bugged guys, it's just GGG trolling us. To spawn the portal you just need to focus on this. To start there are 8 buttons (4 Suns (lefttop side) and 4 Moons (downright side)). All you need to do is choose between Sun side or Moon side and press the 3 buttons, after this you must press the same button at portal area (topright side).

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I can confirm that this is the way to do it. Tried it two times and it worked for me on both attempts. You have to choose sun or moon and are not allowed to mix buttons.

Bugged for me also , 2 mobs remaining and none of the switches working for me

Can confirm picking 1 side works :) thanks for posting that guys.
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