[3.6] Inquisitor (Non-)Crit (MoM) Lightning Tendrils (cheap)

New page so i'll quote all the message.
Aseki2013 wrote:
Well for reason I cannot tank while sustain w/ warlord's mark.
The leeching effect from Warlord's mark was quite slow for me even though I got 10k Lighting Tendril (in total) while 2.7k Lighting Tendril per hit.
From warlord's mark, I gained 54 life point from leeching, and I think I'm suppose to be able to out-tank compare to this ring

I also have MoM variant into the build as well, and I don't why my leeching (warlord's mark) is not helping me sustaining the damage.

Is it because I don't have enough physical mitigation? I do have at least 60% physical mitigation from flask...
Is it because I don't have a dodge-type variant? I had a dodge build w/ mana variant, and it somehow works better...
Is it because my damage is not high enough for leech to sustain? Probably my damage is not high enough...
Is it because leeching is not instant and it takes time for it to recover my life-point? Probably leeching is not instant compared to the ring that I used...

I tried the the essence worm ring, it's truly great (46% damage goes into mana before life!), but my hit-point fall off too fast than mana...

Anyway...I've to test out a bit more, and probably my build is not perfect yet.
It'd help if your characters were set to public in your account settings. Hard to tell here what would be the issue(s).
I assume the 10k is the tooltip dps, which if it's the case seems quite low, but it depends on your level and the gems level. Though 10k dps with 2.7k / hit, that's a very low cast speed.
I also don't know if you were used to facetank with Vaal Pact before. I was with my 2/3 last characters and it takes a little time to be used to close range while not able to facetank and having to dodge a little, shield charge through to get fortify, etc. Cf. feedback section again, at first it wasn't that easy even with the first maps. Mainly due to too low hp, and i wasn't yet using MoM. Started to use MoM at lvl 90 or above.

I was a little wrong for the ring btw as we've Orb of Storms that also hits. But considering how low your cast speed is, i guess i wasn't that far.

Atm i'd say my main defense doesn't come from the leech. I can do hexproof maps without much issues. I even did an hexproof no regen (t12), just recharging with the hallowed hybrid flask, and i even hadn't Praxis equipped but Call of the Brotherhood. Obviously though, you'd not do that for a T16 map.
It mainly comes from (more or less in order imo) : MoM, 5k+ hp, Stibnite, high enough dps / crit & status ailments that come with it, Fortify, high mobility.
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Hey. I'm struggling a lot cause I die often. Could anyone check out my skill tree/items and tell me what should I upgrade first? I got around 2300 HP and that is a huge problem I think. I'm using MoM too.

Also my critical chance on LT is around 30%, that seems really low too.

Anyways, what should I improve? What should I skill next? ( Maybe I should refund some and take something else first ) Which items should I replace first?

This is my first character, I got around 30~ chaos now.
Argus137 wrote:
(see above)

Hi, and welcome on PoE i guess :p.

That's indeed some really really low hp. I heard RaizQT once saying he was aiming for 300 hp / act and it seems to be a good target to keep in mind.
Your low hp comes obviously from the fact many items are missing life and that you only took 113% max hp in the tree. I don't know if going MoM that early is also a good choice because it takes us 2 rings slots which are a primary source of resistances and you're struggling with them, hence a Goldrim still equipped.

Regarding crit chance, you'll have more once at a higher level (with a better weapon / shield for instance), you should focus more on your survivability by refunding some crit in the tree and taking life (20% near Cruel Preparation, 8% Purity of Flesh, and 2/3 nodes in the scion area). Your diamond flask gives you at least 20% crit, that helps.

If your Tora is lvl 6 (or 4), you could craft some life on your belt. Amulet, shield, boots, gloves (just removing them give you more dps btw) need to be changed. Search for some life + 2 good resistances, it'll not be higher than 1 chaos generally. Nice 3 res on your chest but 21 life roll = rip, you need a new one too. And then change your helmet too, goldrim is nice for leveling up but not for maps, you need life too.

There's an issue in your CwDT setup too with Immortal Call and Molten Shell being too high level. Either buy new gems level 1 and be careful to not level them up higher than what you want, or level up your CwDT but considering your current max hp, i'd just buy new gems to the NPC (Lily in Oriath for instance).

Also don't forget your jewels in the tree. They can be crafted (i see one magic with only 1 affix) and there's a unique one for... Spark.

NB : You can level up gems in the second weapons set.

Edit : I forgot, you don't have a Stibnite flask equipped. I'd recommend to equip one, it'll greatly help you to survive. And same as jewels, don't forget you can craft them (an orb of augmentation here), you're missing a suffix on your diamond flask. And for all flasks you generally want to craft them from scratch by using 4 Glassblower's Bauble at first. But since you're starting PoE, you'll learn a lot each time. I don't think you picked up superior flasks to sell them once 40% reached, etc. I hope you've a nice item filter. There's a default one but very trivial. I'd recommend NeverSink one if not (regular version).
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Harest wrote:
Argus137 wrote:
(see above)

(see above)

Wow, thanks. That's a really in-depth explanation!

So first of all I'm fixing my tree because I'm not at that level yet to be going crit mode I guess. That what I've been struggling to get - when I should go the crit route.
So I refunded my ascendancy from crit to Penitence. And took some more HP. Just not sure if I should refund the MoM I took?

I noticed that my gloves gives more DPS if I remove them. That -15% cast debuff really f's me up.
So I'll try to buy new amulet,shield,boots, gloves ( them first ). Is my gem placement okay? Should I keep looking for this set of sockets? I feel like my chest ( 5L blues ) are really not matching each other.

Also I'm looking to buy some better flasks and jewels. Which jewels should I pick up? I have no idea what's considered a good jewel. Really hard to sort stuff in poe.trade since most of the sorting is done with mods and I have no idea what is considered decent ( hence the low HP stuff, I always sorted by high ressistances) so what is considered good HP on lt's say amulet, shield, boots, gloves?
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Hi i'm very confused about your gem setup, if i read correctly in the crit version there are different combinations then what is on your profile page. Can you enlighten me?
SonicO21 wrote:
(see above)
This is because i took Mind over Matter (MoM). It changes a few things from the crit version and it's all in the guide too :
Gems setup
Here's what we'll change :

Lightning Tendrils setup : Switch Arcane Surge for Added Lightning Damage.
Orb of Storms : Switch Curse on Hit and Warlord's Mark for Arcane Surge (lvl 5/6) and Increase Critical Strikes.
Auras : Warlord's Mark + Blasphemy. Wrath in the Essence Worm ring and we're not using Herald of Thunder anymore.
The only thing different in my profile from there is the Empower gem i believe, simply because i got lucky and farmed quite a lot compared to any of my previous characters in guess. So i was able to get Empower lvl 3 (leveled from lvl 1) and successfully vaaled it lvl 4. Replacing Added Lightning Damage with it gave me a substantial dps boost.
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This build is so much fun. A leveling weapon I would recommend (and am still using at level 40+ because its just that fun) is Axiom Perpetuum
MoxieB wrote:
(see above)
Glad you enjoy it. I added this item in the cheap / leveling unique items section, along with the well-known Lifesprig. If there's new players that could help them.
Even if you've a good chance to quickly find a better weapon than Axiom Perpetuum, until you went crit directly without even taking Elemental Overload keystone on the way.

For this league i went Spectral Shield Throw despite the damages were very low in Path of Building. What a mistake. I started a reroll to do my second miner (probably Glacial Cascade this time) as i really liked my Fire Nova Miner a few leagues ago but atm i don't feel enough appealed with the league :/. I played a lot too with my Lightning Tendrils build in 3.1 so a little pause seems fair.
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Also want to add that with this beastiary league and if you are a slow reader/aren't paying attention while trying to capture beasts, the lightning golem is a little annoying as he will sometimes kill before you can grab a net on the beast. I just simply took him off my nodes for the moment, maybe will replace with a decoy totem. Otherwise I think it's a fun build!

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