[3.1, CI/Life] ASMR Inquisitor: Elemental Crit Ethereal Knives - Extreme clearspeed & sound orgasm

iamjustacrazy wrote:

Any advices on gear upgrade?

more crit multi. You could squeeze out about 100% more compared to other dudes of similar builds. Drop CD for a peirce as well so your screen clearly that much faster maybe. And then replace your pierce jewel with another good abyss jewel.
Hey could you update your guide? People have to read through the comment section for a lot of info and it's really annoying. Skill tree is out of date and whatnot too.
Can you guys check out my character and tell me what I can improve on.
It's Keylios that follows (for the most part) this build.
Not sure what else would make me stronger.
I have decent survivability (not really, I still die quick) but my dmg feels weak.
I sit at 80k unbuffed in hideout.
Never checked what it is fully buffed.
Any help is appreciated.
I should just make another build but let's see what else this can do.
Where's the leveling skill tree?
Will Divinarius be good weapon at lategame? Is it worth to change brightbeak for it?
Hey guys!

This is my first time playing Templar and I'm fairly new to the game as well. I'm following the guide, and my attack is great, but my survivability is very minimal. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can up my survivability and maybe my evasion as well?

Really thankful for any kind of help! :)

I cant generate any charge with this setup @@ any1 have any idea why ?
Tks in advance
Edit : i can only generate power charges, not frenzy
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I can use a Belly of the Beast of chest for this build? Have Inpulsa's Broken Heart now but its 5L and I am farm to buy a chest 6L but I do not know if to buy the Belly of the Beast or Have Inpulsa's Broken Heart.
How am i suposed to cast Cremation on a boss fight w/o corpses??
Seems as if the guide creator has abandoned it. Rip

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