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I kept thinking this would be an end game shaper-lore related item.
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oh this is neat

thx bex we heart u
I dont see any any key!
Nice, maybe use Desecrate and 2 corpse explosion spells on it
New melee barrage meta. Or turbo speed power siphon. I wonder ìf we are getting some new wand attack skills?
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And the cooldown? :)
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raics wrote:
And the cooldown? :)

Yes, after 2 months get this info only on wiki.

Was thinking if it casts all 3 spells on it at same time, maybe 1 at a time, cooldown can make this really bad.
Put Unearth and Bodyswap in it and you have a two socket endgame farming build.
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raics wrote:
And the cooldown? :)

It's 250ms :)
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