[3.6] Zombiemancer - High Survivability - End Game Viable

POEPLANNER.com is offline, can you post screenshots of your Passive Skill points or send them post them somewhere else?
Im playing zombies again, not the best option for legion cuz of zombies AI but its not that bad. 6.8k hp and 5.1k es, pretty solid build for legion elites.
Looking for jewel with slum lord mode but not sure if its even woeth it. Maybe if i could hit it twice in 1 area

Found a jewel with 3x slum lord in area.

Will need to sacrifice like 18 points for 240% minion damage, since path of building cant read legion jewels, not sure if its worth to change my tree that much. Any suggestions?
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Is Empower still better than Ruthless even after the buffs?
My Path of Building shows that I actually lose dps in exchange of some zombie HP...
Would like to know how this build is doing? Any changes made?
I didnt check topic since a while but new elegant hubris jewels boost dps really nice. Ive put 1 with 3x Slum Lord node ( 80% inc minion dmg) and doing pretty well right now. 95lvl on LHC, you can check my profile if you want.

About the jewel:

Left area of tree, between templar and marauder: 3x slum lord (Sanctum of Thought / Endurance / Tireless )

Im pretty sure that we can find a better jewel in better spot, but its fcking retarded to check all of 'em so ill probably pass on it and stick to mine.
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Tom. I'm missing something...how does Blood Magic with Spectre and Golem help (not using much mana there). Ty
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Monkey spectres use it to generate frenzy charges faster.
Thanks Mal. Did not understand why, so I went to Wiki. Fully explained there. Again, thanks for the tip.
Thanks for the Build... its really amazing.
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Love the build.

Completed my first t16 map the other day.

Has anybody tried using Fortify Support instead om Maim ?

Seems to increase dps of zombies quite a lot.

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