[3.6] Zombiemancer - High Survivability - End Game Viable


still op
Nice u got all 4 spectres as carnage chiftains ? No hosts for powercharges ? i have set uped as 2 carnages + 2 hosts (std league )

IGN = Tominsideeeee

Now i run 2 with frenzy charges 2 with powercharges.

IGN = Tominsideeeee

I finally threw away the shield & 1h minion dmg skeptre and went 2H queens escape way [ 2 x six links in total one for zombies and one for vaal skelies ] thats the best scenario ended up with some 28-30+ m . The vaal skeletons plus 16 zombies

16 x 911k ~ for zombies 14.5m + 13 skeletons x 664k~ = 8.6m or 23 vaal skeletons x 603k~ = near 14m

Beyond the dps that melting everything with queens escape the mapping is far better with the HUGE minion speed that offers + skeletons duration .

Ive made 2 videos for info .





IGN = Tominsideeeee

New gloves . interesting . waiting for pob support them to see their dps stats

2 more videos with queens escape . t16 dark forests boss on shaper realm and last phase on shaper .



IGN = Tominsideeeee

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