The act 3 town music is just aweseome. Good job! Here's a suggestion for further improvement:

I especially liked the beginning (0:00 - 0:40). The only criticism I have is that this "style" of music has no reoccurence within the rest of the song. You could see it as part 1 (0:00 - 0:40) and part 2 (0:40 - end), the song would be even better with some reoccurrence of the part 1 style. I know the town music will be looped anyway, but that won't cut it.
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The day before i was slaying monster packs in Vaal Ruins, but the music playing was totally random, had even turned into the one that plays in Twilight Encampment.

Not only this area i think but a few more area also shares the same sets of music in itself. Anyway, why in the end you decided to do like this ?
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Thanks BrecMadak

it shouldn't be doing that as far as I know, I shall look into it!

We have some large songs that do play over multiple areas e.g. a cliff song that plays on the ledge and rocky climb.

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I enjoy the music in this game. Most games I turn it off because it's an annoyance, but once again PoE rises above the rest.
The music is ok I guess.
Says the guy with no beta key.

The music is awesome as ambient, atmospheric music, but nothing in PoE really touches the iconic music of D1's Tristram, for example.

That said, I'm completely happy with PoE's music and I think it's one of the few soundtracks I wouldn't go out of my way to turn off while I play.
Andrew_GGG wrote:
We have some large songs that do play over multiple areas e.g. a cliff song that plays on the ledge and rocky climb.
When transitioning between these areas - or any that share music - would it be possible to continue the loop instead of restarting it?

I'd prefer it if areas each had a several possible themes, with one or two overlapping with adjacent areas. When transitioning areas, the music wouldn't suddenly cut off, but would change while advancing through the area. So for example, approaching the dungeon entrance in the Fellshrine ruins would cue a more dungeon-y music that could continue on entering the dungeon.

And more themes for the towns please - I like the existing themes, but they get so repetitive that sometimes I have to mute my PC.
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area transitions - this is something that will make it into the game eventually, nice fades between areas with the music continuing instead of restarting. Its considered polish, so its low priority.

town music - will probably be changed so music doesn't play ALL the time, probably will have a gap between loops of the song. as far as I know there are no plans to have multiple themes for each town.
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I absolutely adore the music in the Chamber of Sins, the beat of the drums reminds me of a heart beating, like in hibernation or sleep - very apt, considering the evil experiments left buried in the Chamber of Sins.

I suggest that the heartbeat motif (Not sure if I'm using the right terminology here) becomes louder and more dominant the further down in the chambers you go - This would heighten the tension as well as help convey the sense of exploration - getting closer to the beating heart of evil.

Have you considered having reoccurring 'threads' for zones linked by lore? E.G some of the melodies in Vaal Ruins would also play in the Ancient Temple, or visa versa. This could help establish the lore as they could be songs from the era of the Eternal Empire.

When I play in the Caverns leading up to Merveil, I actually listen to the Nameless Song from Dark Souls - I feel that it fits Merveil's story very well, aside from a few melodies.(Link Here) It's hauntingly beautiful and I would imagine the Siren would sing a beautiful tune and it would run through the Caverns of Woe and Anger - maybe even echoes of it in the Submerged Passage to foreshadow the danger to come.

A soundtrack in that direction would be the right step, in my opinion - Wraeclast is an old continent past it's prime, beyond death even. so the music should be like a funeral song or a lament for the continent fallen from grace.
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For me the music has been meh.

It doesn't jump out at me.

I am the kind of person who gets annoyed when the music in games is barely heard among all sorts of fighting/dialogue sounds (Assassin's Creed series has FANTASTIC music, and you can just hear it among the sounds of clashing swords.)

But the music here is very underwhelming for me, the only exception being act3 town (which isn't even in the damn game yet).

If the music were to escalate to amazing, I would fucking love this game as my own child.
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