Post any music related issues here.
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Yes, the existing music is currently going through some updates and this is one of the things that are on the list to fix.
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We have chosen to go with a more foreboding sound rather than truly dark ambient tunes. The thinking here is push the anticipation more than making it depressive, if that makes any sense? Either way if you have any examples of something that would fit well I would be happy to listen to it.
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Thanks BrecMadak

it shouldn't be doing that as far as I know, I shall look into it!

We have some large songs that do play over multiple areas e.g. a cliff song that plays on the ledge and rocky climb.

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area transitions - this is something that will make it into the game eventually, nice fades between areas with the music continuing instead of restarting. Its considered polish, so its low priority.

town music - will probably be changed so music doesn't play ALL the time, probably will have a gap between loops of the song. as far as I know there are no plans to have multiple themes for each town.
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oArttu wrote:
I don't know if this has been asked before, but is there a way to see if more songs have been added in to the downloadable soundtrack?

Not currently, but I'll make sure that if/when we add new songs that its mentioned somewhere.

Maybe in the announcement thread.
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Slardarxt wrote:
I'm getting an issue where every time I log into a character, ALL THE Sound+Music just caps out at maximum. Is there a way I can stop this? In the normal menu the volume adheres to my settings. Please help. :(

Try updating your audio card drivers. Seemed to fix this issue for most people.
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Shimaran wrote:
Hello :)

I was wondering if there is new music planned for acts 7 and 9 towns, as well as acts 9 and 10 final bosses. Also, I hope new tracks are also on their way for new areas in part 2, that would greatly refresh the leveling experience in those areas !

Hi Shimaran

Yes, for act 7 definitively something completely new. act 9 town might get something strongly based on a4 town. Same with bosses for a9 and a10 (this one is even implemented already, but might not be the final one yet). However currently I'm focusing mostly on full a6 music for both ingame and soundtrack purpose
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