I find the music just boring in general.

I keep it off and use Pandora
Insanity is overrated unless you join me in mine.
Might I suggest you run a contest for users to create a song. Give out a short brief and the best one can be included in the game.

You are obviously not obligated to include any of them if they are not up to scratch. I would personally love to compose a song for a contest like this.

I've only played about 5 minutes of the beta so far but from what I've heard from that session and from videos the music sounds good. I really think that an original music track for a certain area really makes it memorable. When you first enter the Harem in Diablo 2 and you have that spacey arabic style chanting song come on it really solidifies that area in your memory and makes you want to return just to hear the music again.
I actually really like a lot of the music in the game. Particularly Fellshrine Ruins and Church/Sin Dungeon. It reminds me of Kevin Shilder's style which I prefer to Matt Uelmen - prominent ambiance. I second that more music specific to every area would be nice, and I think it should be a bit louder by default.

I agree on the comment that loopback is too noticeable. I also want to add that when you change areas, the music always starts from the beginning, which makes it redundant if especially you town portal a lot or something.

I would like to say frankly that I like the music and am glad it isn't pure background ambiance. Unlike a mistake "another arpg in beta" is currently making IMO. More of the same!! You guys are on the right track
to me, as a musician, the music sounds too "generic" type.

i think a good example of music in a game which was hauntig and "what-will-there-be-behind-the-next-corner" was f.e.a.r. 1.

also i would like to here some sort of jingle when you level-up or beat a boss.
Music is absolutely great, as hobbyist composer i am thrilled by some of the compositions that has been done, from the subtle piano used in town theme 1 act Twilight Strands to the more Rhytmic dungeon theme sound in Chamber of the Sins. i also love how the vocal chords are used in Church Dungeon, what i wish was that they made the game more dynamic, in that sense i would like to faster beats or bigger bass added when monsters had spotted you, or i would like to hear more horns and strings when boss monstes was approaching, its hard but it is such a amazing achievement when done. It is what makes game music much more appealing and unique as a genre. Something i would like to do myself. But i know its hard, to program and create in the same time.

But that is what i miss and as others have mentioned need more variated loop points, and not reset to beginning when you go from a town portal.

I am not such a fan of Act 2 town theme, and most of the overall field themes arn't hitting me yet, i feel the soundtrack of Path of Exile is strongest when the atmosphere is depressive, like in the first Town but also in the Dungeons it really works on you. Keep going :)

In regard to creative music input it would be cool to assign different percussion instruments to different monsters. but thats probably asking to much :)
And here is, my 3 favourite music from Diablo II, yet again from Matt Uelmen;

Diablo 2 - Cave (this music plays right whenever you enter 'Den of Evil')
Diablo 2 - Wilderness(Just the very first moments of whenever you step outside Rogue Encampment)
Diablo 2 - Kurast(Best town music in D2 imo)

I know its really hard to write, but I'm trying to give you more true examples as much as possible how music should be in a dark arpg game, cause the musics in Wraeclast are mostly so relaxing and warm, on the contrary, this should be inverse.
"This is too good for you, very powerful ! You want - You take"
Act II
Forest Encampment - At 1:09 the beat drops, but nothing comes of it. Instead of keeping with that beat the song then gets quieter. This happens again at 1:40 and just leaves the listener confused.

Filler sounds are so long and drawn out. Duuuuuuuuuun duuuuuuuun duuuuuuuun, waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa. Humming to them sounds like crying and wailing- not good.

Best part is the high flute just before the drop, which does not get emphasized enough. More flute, less filler.

Church Dungeon - has a briefly interesting part with synthesized vocals. Muuuuuuuuuh muuuuuuuuuh muuuuuuuh- blaaaaaaaaaah, blaaaaaaah, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Synthesized mush, but it remains the only redeeming part of the Church Dungeon soundtrack (rest is very forgettable).

Dark Forest - Fitting. Not much memorable, but it sets the mood appropriately.

Alira's Camp / Weaver's Den - decent, but does not differentiate itself enough from the rest of act II tracks. Amazing muffled oboe? or flute (can't tell its too hidden) at 2:18, and again from 4:56-5:23 with accompanying 'boingy' sounds. Seems like you going for a mysterious mood, but just comes across as boring and uneventful to me except for the muted infrequent good parts. Also noticed a periodic echoing I liked.

Overall I would like to hear more articulated instrumental tracks that carry the listener on a journey and that you cannot get out of your head after hearing just once.

Please take a cue from Matt Uelmen: Tristram Village
My other favorite composer is Nobuo Uematsu: Part 1 Part 2


Just played League of Legends for the first time and noticed an uncanny resemblance of its background music and PoE's...almost identical
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Lo4f gives some good feedback i think.

It must be irritating for you to have diablos music posted here. But its to be expected, and I think with good reason. The soundtrack of Diablo make it stand out in my memory as a haunting experience.

The sound of when I hit enemies with my ranger is really great. But the music doesnt do anything particularly well. It feels bland, im sorry to say.

My suggestions:

What are the themes you want to emphasize? You say a sense of anticipation. I dont know that I felt any great deal of anticipation through any part of the game. You awaken on a beach, exiled. From what? What is this place, and why are so many "exiled" coming through it? Everything looks ragged and washed up. And unreal. The way the characters are designed, and because I get the sense that Im trapped in some kind of loop, I get the sense of a dream world.

Here are the themes I feel are strongest in your game: It feels dreamy, mysterious and... maybe forgotten?

These are the themes I think you should emphasize with your music. But its for you to say. You know your story.

And be bold! Listening to the Diablo soundtrack - Catacombs, its amazingly bold. And what I would say it does: It uses real string instruments to emphasize the folky, medieval themes, and with the use of dark distortions, brings on a diabolic theme. The music gets corrupted, much like the main character, and the town of tristram. A very strong theme, utilized very precicely in the music. Can you do the same? ;)

Edit: Wow, listen to this. Posted previously: Raison D'etre - Towards Desolation:
Just hire them to do your soundtrack. :)
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i love the music in your game, gives me same great feeling d2 did with its world music

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