3.0 Slayer phys CycloneR [1mill dps, 7,2k life, Shaper, Uber Atziri deletion - NEW VIDEOS UP!]

I'm king of a noob player here so i got 2 questions:

1) having blood rage on makes it a DoT, so that's what u have been talking about the 50% recovery when cwdt+ic procs... but having blood rage on doesn't prevent you from the benifits of damage when full life??

2) does blood rage have to be linked to cwdt+ic??

thanks to all in advance for the build and replys, sorry in advance for the bad english

They changed full life now to where if you outregen the degen enough it counts as being on full life still. Which we do even when we're not leeching. And blood rage is only in the cwdt/ic/inc dur links because of the increased duration, it doesnt interact with the cwdt ic setup in anyway.
Should we be using The Retch without Vaal Pact? I've been reading that Retch works best with Vaal Pact. Since we're not running it, are we assuming Belt of Deceiver is our BiS?

I'm quite confused as how to the Retch works and I looked on reddit and they're saying without Vaal Pact you're not getting much damage bonus from the life leech chaos damage mod.

Any help is appreciated.
Did someone happen to save a copy of the original text of this build? I'm rather lost now.

Bonus: Cylone looks awesome with the classic white cyclone effect combined with the new oriath effect


I was the creator of: The low life shaddow assasin https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1878262/page/1 and the co-creator of the very strong soultaxic build of last league. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1879993 and for 3.0, after the removal of double dipping I really wanted to test the new physical dps gems to create a strong build.

The concluison: The 3.0 added gems such as maim and ruthless finally made phys builds able to do all the end game content without relying on poison such as pre 3.0.

If you ever want to play a physical based cyclone build, this is the way to go.
I have currently almost reached the characters full potential with end game gear but the lovely part of this build is it's build up. It's a cheap starter as you can still have a very strong character while you progress into the later stages of the game. The reason of why it has such a nice build up is because of the sword: Kondo's Pride. It's a very cheap unique sword that almost got the same dps as t1 items.

Update: Decided to buy the retch belt and i was not dissapointed. The belt is very expensive and is not something you should prioritize. I bought it because im richy rich :P
It gives insane movement speed and adds dmg compared to the 10% more multiplier from belt of the deciver. Would recommend the retch as a luxury item for the end game. It really adds qol and is easily worth the price.


Hydra full clear, very fast and smooth(with the retch belt)

Shaper deletion deathless:
Keep in mind that this video was made with lvl 18 gems and without some of the late game gear I use now such as a kaom's heart, taste of hate, helm with enchant etc.

Shaped atoll fast clear:


Full chimera run with +hp and dmg mods



Shipyard fast clear with the retch belt

Phoenix full run


What you get:

Avery tanky build that clear maps at a lightning fast speed as well as a character that deletes all the end game bosses. The build is really fun and fast to play. The build can also be played in hardcore. We have 7.2K life combined with some great utility flasks, armour and evasion. This is my favourite character of all time.

My character has currently almost reached it's full potential so it's naturally very, very expensive. But the character has a very nice and cheap build up and it performs great while you farm for the 6l disfavour, kaoms, flasks, enchant etc.

Core items:
6l Disfavour(kondo's pride untill you can afford one or starforge when the price drops compared to disfavour) - Kaoms heart(bronns lithe untill you can afford one) - Belt of the deciver - ming's heart - atziri's promise - sin's rebirth - lion's roar - carnage heart - devoto's devotion - good quicksilver flask - jewel with 0,2% - 0,4% mana leech

The Tree

Bandits: kraytin
Ascendancy: Headsman and Brutal Fervour



6l disfavour: Cyclone(lvl 21 for +1 bonus range) - Melee phys - ruthless - maim - damage on full life - inc aoe/conc effect

Sorry for the bad layout. I will keep this updated and will add some pictures etc. later.
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Thank you so very much <3
Anybody cleared chayula domain with this? Don't wanna try with that high risk. Should be good with all chaos res stuff (devoto+mings heart)
Hi everyone!

Thank to all the guys that post to help and provide tips.

I'm really enjoying this build. Even though I haven't tested it against the guardians, shaper and uber atziri yet, I feel that it's much more solid than every other build I played.

I have 1 issue with the use of the flasks: I find it really uncomfortable to press 1 to 4 while holding the cyclone key (Q), thus 99% of the time they just lie unused even against bosses... how do you guys manage it? Do you use a different key mapping or there are allowed AHK scripts that can make their use easier?

Thanks and BR to everybody

You should really make your profile public. It would help out the people who would like to see that character info sheet.
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@PelicanOfWar I think Bobveka only re-posted OP, who deleted his own text. If i remember correctly!
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11131618570 wrote:
@PelicanOfWar I think Bobveka only re-posted OP, who deleted his own text. If i remember correctly!

Yes, it's the original post, as show in google cache :

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