Spelling mistakes and typos

Portuguese version of the game states "Consume fúria" when it should state "Consome fúria".
Apprentice cartographer has incorrect steam description (the old one with all white maps instead of the one with watchstones).
The new Terms of Use, clause 29, reads: "(...) claims or proceedings made by or bought against you (...)" – it should say "brought" instead.
Passive Tree


"31700": {
"skill": 31700,
"name": "Fortitude",
"icon": "Art\/2DArt\/SkillIcons\/passives\/Champion\/Fortitude.png",
"isNotable": true,
"ascendancyName": "Champion",
"stats": [
"reminderText": [
"(Fortify grants 20% less Damage Taken from Hits)",
"(Fortify grants 20% less Damage Taken from Hits, for 4 seconds)"


See picture:
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Node name near the Atrophy notable
Incorrect name
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Not a spelling mistake perse, but on the Tirn's End Maven passive tree the passive "great Migration" has the word "other" cut out of the description box.
Typo, act 8, location The Sarn Encampment, dialogue with Hargan, dialogue option "The Wings of Vastiri", dialogue fragment "...the whole bloody Maraketh horde against Sarn?"

That question mark should be a period/full stop.
Do things posted here still get fixed? :)

In act 6, if you ask Bestel about Nessa, he ends the dialogue with this:

and this time it's a big, briney baritone doing the wailing.

This word is spelled "briny." I checked to make sure "briney" wasn't an alternate spelling I was unaware of, and it's definitely not.

Additionally, if you ask him about Weylam Roth, he says this:

No-one's sighted Rot Tooth for twenty years or more

This is spelled "no one," not "no-one."

And finally, during his Introduction, there's an ellipsis that should have a space after it but doesn't:

all the wonders of Wraeclast by now...and a few things they likely wish they hadn't.

Edit: A few more. Sorry! I'm one of those annoying grammar people.

Lilly Roth's Introduction begins with "Alright." This is a colloquial spelling. The correct spelling is "all right." I wouldn't be surprised if this appears in multiple places.

When you ask Lilly Roth about Weylam Roth, one paragraph of her dialogue ends with this:

the already shadowed ocean grew darker still...

When ending a sentence with an ellipsis, you still need to include the period (or other punctuation) at the end. Thus this should have four dots, not three.

And, when you ask her about Virtue Gems, she says this:

Got a hull-full of baubles and trinkets here

There should not be a hyphen there. "Got a hull full of baubles" is correct.

Edit again:

When you talk to Bestel about Aberrath after completing the quest he says:

come supper time.

This is a single word: "suppertime."
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Not sure if it looks like it for anyone else, but when I look at the White Herald Effect in the store, it shows up as "]mnyj Njwfqi Kkkjhy"

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