The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs and Beta are Now Live!

Im sorry GGG. you overhyped the supporter packs for me.
They all look like random shiny shit to me except the outlaw who just looks
like he is a big turd. And i thought hey alternate weapon effects.
No just bubbles and shiny's. how about some 3d art weapons matching
the overpriced supporter packs instead of more effects that make you se less

Yay another cape. Im sorry if im complaining but it is my first complaint over the years.
The rest of Oriath is incredibly beautiful and well made.

And please hire someone to make 3d art for all Uniqe's so the are just that. Unique.
How hard could it be to make a bottle atleast so my pirate can have his brinerot grog xD
Saffaels frame is eating up my alt effects. make a permanent alt effect.
and on a side note.
Would it not be better if all sets were the same price and if you bought several you would get
some bonus for that.
Since art is so subjective i feel like many people will just not buy a pack since the one they
like are to pricey. and gives a ton of shit they dont want. what if i only want the kitava armour??
Then ill have to be rich.

4 strong armours that are equally epic looking. pick one youll get that, pick 2 and you get some
more besides the armour sets. and so on. just a thought till next time GGG
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Beast and Kitava look way too D3ish to me. Not worth the price compared to Phoenix but then again that is just my opinion. At least i saved a bit of money.
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Did Garena design this shit because that's what it looks like...some fugly anime garbage.

The outlaw set is the only decent one.
I have to agree with most of the posts here... the only nice looking pack is the outlaw one the rest look awful.
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Wouldn't be awesome if along with the increased tier of the Supporter Pack bought, one would get more than one beta key? I have given mine to a friend who is a long time Diablo 3 player and it would have been great to spread awareness to as many people as possible, who don't watch twitch streams or read reddit that often, and play other games in the genre ?
more than half of registered players have not played the time that i have been played and still i dont get a f1cking key for the beta only the strewamers get more and more ... fuk this!
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Thanks GGG! Hope to try Beta, but race rly bad
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