The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs and Beta are Now Live!

Question for the top supporter pack here: will we get a special copy of the art book? Would love for it to be a signed copy or something? The book is going to be normally available outside of the supporter packs, right?
Tankus wrote:
liborio92 wrote:
[...]btw the 30 pack feels very, very poor.kinda sad

Yup, feels bad man :/

$30 is the new $20 don't you know? :D

Seriously though, it should be a $20 pack.
Love the new armor sets, though the one with the faces on the shoulders looks kinda weird. Really love the highest one, and unlike what most have posted here, I actually like the bulky look!

I also noticed the highest pack is now 480$ instead of the regular 440$.

Normally I'd support you guys without any second thought, but due to the recent ES nerf post I'm going to wait and see how it all turns out. In my opinion the only thing about ES that needed a nerf was the leech, just removing ES leech would be fine.
(Edit: And also the decision to remove the leaguestones/ancient reliq keys was a bad one in my opinion, this expanded the game SOOOO much. Every future league could have easily been added to it.)

Can't wait to see the new mtx system, hoping it will be implemented really really soon!

Keep up the good work.

PS: I'm not going to play the beta.
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Wait what happened to the XBOX ONE BETA? Weren't they putting them out at the same time?
Well I wanted to save a little money for a few months, guess that won't happen ! Thanks GGGbama !
I love you GGG! I love you so much!
Awesome Guys! If anyone has a spare beta key they could give me, I would love them for ever.
Suddenly getting great speeds on the patcher.

If you changed anything GGG, Thank you!
im pretty sure i wont get i key even when i have near to 2600 hours man :D
wew paying a company to test their product instead of them paying you

What a day to be alive.

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