The Fall of Oriath: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows

Soooo cool can't wait to get there and own like a bosss!! (i mean get owned by the boss xD )
An impressive clusterfuck.
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The Experts ™ 2017

Good Job

The girls ass need soem work thou :(
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I suddenly want a purple death beam mtx now
That music is amazing!
This fight looks more interesting than previous one to be honest. Will see how it is ingame :)
Hf :)
the only good thing is purple laser beam :/
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Single Target Explosive Arrow without Quill Rain and GMP

Do you think a Chaos Shoop da Woop on whole screen is a good idea?
Need more brains, exile?
looks cool ^^

name really makes me think like a fidget spinner boss thingy :')
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
Can we get at least one boss fight with a massive arena?

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