The Fall of Oriath: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows

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God damnit!
Another example of super tiny boss area fight filled with aoe. Garbage design.
I liked the boss fight. But as a Dota player I can't stop thinking:

act 6 new boss: nyx assassin
act 7 new boss: broodmother

Are we fighting Pudge or Storm Spirit on act 8? :D
flesh meat!!!!! U look good with a apple in ur mouth!
Zip, zap! I told you a storm was coming!
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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Cant wait....
Tereng wrote:
Another boss promoting high dps, the lasers will be covering more ground as fight progress making it nearly impossible to dodge :/. The faster the kill, the easier the fight.

and the speedmeta goes on ...
i hate those boss designs,they are just bad and it kills build diversity.
"Enragetimers" just shouldnt be in an hack and slaytype game even though its an "actionrpg"
Love a big spider boss.
Im hungry, I need to eat spider! :P
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why spiders, why
It reminded me spider boss in King's bounty
whahah gaster blasters , love it

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