The Fall of Oriath: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows

Another spooder fight :( I'm not criticizing, I just don't like spooders.
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spiders are cool but this one looks like some cyborg shit
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Spiders of Exile
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wrong513 wrote:
why spiders, why

Silk always was connected to spiders, he slaughtered the "eight-leg". For me it makes sense that he - of all things - transformed to a spider. Maybe something strange happend to him back then..
nice battle
The fox isn't a pet, it's Yeena, who was teased in a different video as turning into a Fox and then burning an entrance to some sort of dungeon that covered in webs.
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We're fucked
i can already see, that these boss encounters will be unfair and annoying, this one, where all the guns fire at you, the abberath one with the full barrage, the mermaid one with the reduced area to move on, the act 5 one with the 1000 procetiles at all direction, where you have to hide from them behind a statue. these are honna be annoying i think, at least if they deal enough damage to kill you.
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