[LOOTFILTER] FilterBlade - editor, with lootgeneration & more - optimized for NeverSink's filter

Don't know, if this is a known bug (haven't read all the thread).

My "Save locally" section before loading any online saves:

My "Save locally" section after loading any online save:

kaizoku222 wrote:
I've got an issue with a huge sound overhaul I made, I went through and changed every sound manually uploading customs from my PC. I downloaded it and put it manually in the mydocuments/poe directory, extracted it, etc. Anytime I try to load the filter it gives me the error "line ### invalid sound filepath '3unique.mp3'". I know that the original sounds are tiered and 3unique refers to one of the original sounds, but I'm not sure why the game is trying to pull that sound file and getting an error.

Any help would be appreciated, I've put a lot of work into the filter.

Quick update, I attempted to use the login/sync with PoE automated option, same error once I get in-game even though the pack gets synced with my account/game with no issues on the filterblade side.

I would open your filter in notepad, press ctrl+f and search for "3unique.mp3". If you're getting an error loading the filter, then it sounds like there are still entries for that .mp3, despite your efforts to replace them all through filterblade
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Hey guys. Im trying to disable these 4 links to show on the loot filter.

When I jump to the rule they are already disabled and yet they show when dropped ingame

Any help would be nice.

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