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Wormweed wrote:
Hey. That would hide 6 links etc as well, so i added this at Override Area 1, will that have any unforseen consuequences? It should still show identified magic items with special mods like merciless, and 6 socket/links. Adding items i don't want to see at the top like this makes it feel like i'm more in controll, and can customize what i want to see.

LinkedSockets <= 5
Sockets <= 5
Identified False
Corrupted False
ItemLevel <= 100
Rarity = Magic
Class "Amulets" "Rings" "Daggers" "Claws" "Belts" "Body Armours" "Boots" "Helmets" "Wands" "Gloves" "One Hand Swords" "Sceptres" "Shields" "Thrusting One Hand Swords" "Two Hand Axes" "Two Hand Maces" "Two Hand Swords" "Staves" "Bows" "One Hand Axes" "One Hand Maces"
SetBorderColor 255 255 255 0
SetFontSize 15

I have no idea what "Override Area 1", since i don't use filterblade in the first place, so i honestly can't tell if that's a good location for your custom blocks or not.
The advantage of having them at the very begining is total control, but yeah, as long as you're clear with the exceptions you want covered, you should be fine.
xhul filter : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1787522
I'm having an iasue where 2x2 rare items are showing. They are very small and faded. When I go to remove them in filterblade, it says they are removed but the change is not applied to the filter.
@NeverSink: Would you mind building in quality sliders on filter blade for the hammers in the Chisel recipe?
Or is there a workaround? Because i'd like to show only Rock Breakers, Gavels and Stone Hammers with quality >= 5% (normal) and >= 14% (magic).
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I'm using this filterblade, pretty new to the game and can't figure out for the life of me why these are purple?

Hey. Big fan of FilterBlade, very convenient and very helpful.

However, as of recently, I have a couple issues with it.
- It gets way too colorful and complicated for my taste. All the color coding, different borders, differentiation between item levels, all kinds of different leagues etc etc... at some point, it doesn't get any more informative, I just get confused. What does this color stand for? Why is that border different? Selecting "slick" filter should be the solution here, but it is still pretty much exactly as colorful as the other variants.
- Changing anything about this to streamline my item appearances is kinda complicated. You have the styles menu, which seems like a great idea for this sort of thing. But it doesn't work very well. Like I want to change rare jewellery green background color. So I select the style, change the color to black. But then I have to adjust text color as well, that affects other items, which I have to change etc etc... So I have to change the individual jewellery instead.

I want my filter to be simple. Not that much differentiation. I don't have to know, what the grandmother of the mob that dropped the item had for breakfast, based on the colorcoding of the item. I want to know, if the item is worth picking up, worth making a detour for, or if it is highly valuable. Map or currency or equipment. Not much more distinction needed. But modifying a preset filter until you get to that goal takes quite a lot of time currently, when in my opinion, it should already work that way (at least to some extend) when picking the slick filter.

So... not too sure, what I would want you to change. Make the slick preset slick again. Add easier options to streamline the filter, like macros to allow stuff like: Make all Tier 1/2/3/4 stuff in different categorys use one option. Make all of them them use the same sound. Make all maps use the same icon. Make all t1 across all categories use a red star icon. Make all rares the same text/border/bg color. Obviously need to sanitize these a bit, influenced rares should probably be (optionally) excluded, thats for you to figure out :)

I've got a few questions regarding the customize feature which is overall very helpful but unclear (imo) in certain aspects:

1. "Endgame - Rare Items (lvl 65+)" - "Add custom Show/Hide rules" in "Corrupted and Identified Rares" since you can only disable/show what does "Affects all previous sections + T1 rares" exactly do?

I'm interpretating it as that it will show the corrupted rares that are enabled to show in previous sections of the filter and that it will also show corrupted t1 rares. But you can also filter them by item type so this will mean i'm picking item types whithin t1 rares?

However there are these "Only affects t3 and lower items" and "affects all sections + random non-handpicked rings and amulets" settings which confuse me. For the first one i don't get why is there an option to only show low tiers that doesn't have T2 and T1 included as typically when u hide/show by tier it goes all rares, t3 and higher, t2 and higher, only t1 etc. So i don't get why is there and option for excluding the good stuff and only showing the low items (am i missing something here?). For the random non-handpicked rings and amulets i just have no idea what it refers to.

2. T1 rares. Since there are a lot of categories on the t1 and t2 rares i'm wondering how does hiding certain rares affect globally other settings which are based on "t1 rares". In relation with the first question if for example i have the corrupted section showing only t1 corrupted rares, does it mean it's only gonna show the t1 corrupted rares that i have marked as "show" under the "T1 and T2: Handpicked Bases" or the default ones in those groups like for example the entire group "small armours" even if this one is disabled? What if i remove and item from the group smaller weapons as i don't want that shown as a rare but i want to take a look at it if it drops corrupted?

3. After asking for advice in-game i was recommended to simply "hide all rares, excluding jewellery" (i guess this feature doesn't affect special atlas bases) using "Hide rares by Tier" and simply use the "Add Additional Show/Hide Rules" to be picky for the few rare items that i want to show. However since i have all rares hidden i wonder how (once again) that would interact with the corrupted special treatment.
Also since i will only be using the additional rules for just showing there won't be any risk of hiding valuable stuff by accident right?

I've read the FAQ and have done a bit of research but finding very specific information about your filter is kinda hard so sorry if something like this has been asked before.
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Is there any way to highlight rings/amulets with the "Elreon's" explicit mod? I know you can get them from the Blessing of God Div card, but I have no idea if they can drop normally or not. "Elreon's" isn't on the list of explicit mods (Elreon's veiled is, but that's a different mod) and if there's a way to get them to show I can't find it.

An example of an item with the mod:
I would like custom sounds with Diablo 2 Sounds . Is it possible ?
Mayhem999 wrote:
I would like custom sounds with Diablo 2 Sounds . Is it possible ?

yes if you have mp3 or maw sound files of diablo 2 u can edit in filterblade just change sound filter into random sound
I think you should REMOVE leather belt from customized chancing tab, to make it clear.

CHANCING for headhunter is not working in 3.7

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