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Is there a reason we can't modify pieces/categories of gear above 65/endgame like we can levelling?

As a newer player on SSF i'm wanting to show all types of gear ill use (specific gear slots, specific armor types, with other variables such as rarity etc.)

Are we just hardlocked into "crafting bases" and rares+ only, with less categorization variables because that's what most other people use it for?

Or is there an obfuscated but possible option somewhere.

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46oi wrote:
What am I doing wrong?
Filter Soft - Unique items. Apply current economy data: Auto-Sort by price - Select sorting method: based on highest price - Tier 0:(worth at least 50 Chaos)

Tier 0 (most expensive is worth at least 50c)
I see here "Chain Belt" and other items (icon for example star, font size 45, background White)
But in-game (and tab "simulate") I see this item font size 18, without background, black frame. :(

I cant seem to reproduce this behavior. You gotta be more specific or send a saveState with this bug(?).
- Tobnac, FilterBlade developer
Sorry, my English is very bad (
New filter Soft -> Customize -> General -> Unique items
"Tier 0 (most expensive is worth at least 50c)"
many items from this list are not displayed as shown in the example.

for Example Grand Mana Flask (Simulate)

I can't figure out which settings have higher priority.
I assumed that the General tab has the highest priority (it is the first in the list :) my logic). If I hide a rule Leveling (below lvl 65) -> Flask Sections -> Flask Progression, Grand Mana Flask will disappear (will be crossed out in Simulate tab). and the rule from the General tab does not apply

Аfter saving the filter and then loading disappears rule "Leveling 20Q Items"
This rule applies for "Superior Steelhead quality: +20%" but doesn't work for "Superior Sniper Bow"(item name on filterblade, in-game "Pain Rock Sniper Bow") with quality: +20%". Why??
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is it possible hide all rare items below 85 item level?
Completed 37 ChallengesCipher_TV wrote:
Maybe I asking too much or maybe someone requested it already , but since incursion and delve there is an opportunity in path of exile to drop prophecies from chests (in special rooms ofcourse). So if you can add to filterblade filtering bad and good prophecies, that would be great.

Btw thanks alot for filterblade.

I also think that would be a nice addition. With now two leagues in a row with prophecy drops and at least incursion going core, it would be nice to customize prophecy drops in filterblade.
How do you take the standard filter and change it so it always displays chromatic recipe drops (from any level)? As I get higher in level, it won't show (unless you hit Alt) the lower level chrome recipe drops. Went through Filterblade and don't see an obvious way to adjust this...
All that and a bag of chips!
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Chrome recipe has two sections - leveling and end game. Check them.
Gotcha; yah it seems once you hit 65 it only displays those >=65. Not sure why this is the way - I don't see a way to change this value in filterblade itself (I must be overlooking it) but I can definitely change it in the actual file itself. Filterblade really needs to be upgraded (by default) to show ALL RGB sellable items. Not sure why it filters <65 items out - makes no sense...
All that and a bag of chips!
Hey, got a minor missing feature report for ya. Unique Iron Circlets aren't featured in the Fated Uniques section by default, despite being the base for Asenath's Chant. I fixed it in mine, but I figured I'd let you know so other people don't end up missing out.

Otherwise, good work, guys!
Do you think moving some entries in the misc section to their respective base section would be a good idea? For example adding the wisdom scrolls with stack size to the currency section, the tabula to the uniques or the wolfs shadow to the divination cards section. This would make it easier to customize a section without forgetting those exceptions.
For the same reason merging the harbinger currency section with the normal currency section would be nice, even tho they are not part of the base game, but still usually available via zana or league mechanics.

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