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[3.0] WanderFinder Under 1ex Guardians/Shaper no problem.


interesting build. Will give it a try.
But i am interested in build order for skill tree, too. Some advice?

And what ascendancy points order do you take?

Tanks a lot
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Trying out this build as well, first time ranger/wander and bit lost, currently level 56 and that's my tree :

Went for druidic/primal/ballistic/primeval first, also the projectile damage nodes(respec later), leveling with Storm Cloud(Tempest at 32), LA+GMP and dmg support gems, extremely easy, probably gonna go towards Wand damage now so i can transition into Wand soon, A1 Merciless atm.
Getting destroyed by physical damage mostly, only 2% reduction, 70% with Granite flask, would appreciate some insight on improvements/tips!
Wake of destruction/Prismweave are cheap and help with damage leveling.

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I'm playing this in 3.0 beta right now -

Seems pretty good even with my terrible 2500 HP. Bosses have a ton of HP but I'm running a 5L on barrage at the moment.
"budget gear". Ya right. claims his gloves are worth " 1 chaos" in the video. Essence goes for at least 20 chaos soooooo, ya.

No one else find this weird?
I'm using this as my character in Beta and its going pretty smooth.

I used Lightning Arrow to start and then I switched to wand and KB at act 6.

I did the lower part of the tree first and now heading up. It was kind of light on int at the beginning so I couldn't really level a KB gem in my weapon switch but there was no issue with mana so it was a fair trade off. Making the switch to KB was actually really EZ.

I'm currently at level 60 and cleared all of A7. Going to get a few more levels then try maps.

I'm just using random rares and a Fairgraves hat I found in act 1 and still having no issues with DPS or survivability so far. Soloed all the bosses thru act 7.
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Swapped to wand at 65, so far so good. Still need to upgrade a lot of my gear.


jayhawk92555 wrote:

I did the lower part of the tree first and now heading up.

Yeahr thought, too. I think its a good idea to take primal spirit an d ballistic mastery first. Then straight to vitality void, take point blank and primeval force and herbalism. The rest i would take later and think to go up to blood drinker (after that taking vaal pact) and forward up.

Tanks for feedback. What do you think about ascendancy points order?
Top 10 beta right now, so i have some mapping experience in 3.0.

Leveling is super fast with ele bow like usual (except the first ~30 lvl) once you get a high AS bow with some flat dmg or crit chance. HoI + HoT + WED are an important spike in act 2, aswell as wrath in act 3. Be sure to use LA for aoe and barrage for single, worked rly nicely, switch the 4L setup around for bosses if you only have one 4L.

I switched to wand once i had a piscators, but an imbued wand with around 1-130 light dmg and open suffix for crit chance is as good tooltip wise, just missing the 5% ele pen from the piscators. The accuracy on piscators is useless btw if you use the Lycosidae shield.

Low maps were a breeze too, just be sure to spec life nodes asap.
I was using some uniques like rats nest, tabula, thunderfist, shield and wand ofc. So not much space for resis and life. But a high resis jewel and the new alira reward of 15% all res fix that.

Higher maps, like T8-10 can be sketchy with only the 3.6-3.8k life i had. Once i switched to a 5L belly (taking out crit chance gem) i felt way safer (new life 4.4-4.5k life).
And the clear speed doesnt drop much if at all with only a 5L cuz you can play more aggressive and facetank the more life you have.
Also switched from a basalt flask to atziri flask, which helps making up for losing the sixth gem. Also gives a good amount of extra leech and chaos res which both is awesome for a life build with small hp pool.

Hope to sustain red maps today to see how it feels there.

BETA changes:
They increased boss hp by a ton for some bosses, and you can feel it in maps.
So you might wanna skip some scary ones or level up in low level maps in which you still make tons of exp because of the high clear speed.

Hope that helped someone.
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I'm playing my first wander and I was going through act II in 3.0, any ideas on which bandit to help to get the most out of the build? Doesn't look like I can get all the options in the OP in 3.0.
can you record video of uber izaro ? preff full run please :D

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