[3.0] WanderFinder Under 1ex Guardians/Shaper no problem.

cole_on_sea wrote:
Is this even a budget build anymore? The belt and the gloves alone have already costed me 80c, and looking at rings is making me want to off myself

Gloves = If you don't have Tempest's and need dps on KB, try Thunderfists, if you have decent-ish gear and level 18/19+ gems you'll probably be fine with a Gripped Gloves without essence craft, just HP, resists and atk speed.

Belt = high hp and resists, crafted wed, flask mods are a bonus.

Rings = high hp and resists/stats, craft +lightning to attacks (2alch?), base can be anything, Opals are not needed, i found pretty good Diamond rings shopping/from drops so i went 2x Diamond. Used Two stones/coral for a while and it's fine.

^Few diff rings i've got for 1-5c, HP as priority then resists/stats so i can equip my gems/gear with IIQ stuff, WED% or T1 Flat light are not needed, benchcraft is fine, cold damage and good crit helps with HoI consistency.
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Following the passive tree to a tee. Level 51, and Tooltip DPS wont go above 1k for barrage. Can someone please help me, and tell me what my target DPS should be?

Ive followed this build and used the reccomended links and have suffered through leveling with a slow clear speed and a whopping 90 deaths before level 60.

I really dont know what im doing wrong, but this build isnt working for me. And i've followed other builds like Sunder and Cyclone and ran through levels 1-70, but for some reason with this I cant even get a good damage or sustain.

Also, why is vaal pact in the passive tree? I took it and noticed that I only had 0.4% life leech. Theres like no life leech nodes in the tree. I really need help figuring this out because I dont get it.
You need to make your profile public for us to see what youre doing wrong, just search on google how to do it if you don't know.
My characters should be public now. Please help me out. The Wander is in the 10 Day League


Although there are a lot of other unkown to myself problems as to why my account fails, I did find out that one BIG BIG PROBLEM with this guide is that the author does not stress the importance of having "Added lightning damage to attacks" mod on equips. He expalins that we should have lightning damage gems, but doesnt tell the newbies that the purpose is to be based on lightning damage, and flat is important. I'm attempting another runthrough and its going pretty smooth because im making it a thing to only wear equips that have added lightning damage mod to attacks mod.

I basically had no clue on what stats to go for in order to do damage, and ended up with nothing good. Also, I took the damage nodes first by going downward rather than starting off nearing towards the health nodes.
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My characters should be public now. Please help me out. The Wander is in the 10 Day League

You have barrage on a 2 link.

No wonder the dps is bad.

Don't take Vaal Pact until you're in the mid 60s, have decent damage, some ascendancy points, and decent leech.

I don't know if you're memeing or what, but you're missing your belt/rings/amulet.
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I deleted that one and made a new PF. ign NoobLifeEternalFeeder. I have basically all viable life nodes, yet im lacking sustain even with 3K hp and 1.7k ES along with warlords mark and temporal chains/Enfeeble / Poacher's mark curses. Dont understand it. Cant facetank anything or really do maps above t3 without dying
You're a wander with crap gear and a garbage tree. No duh you can't facetank anything.

I legit honestly cannot tell if I'm getting trolled by you, so congrats for that.

Your barrage is on a 3 link, damage is going to be piss poor. You're only wearing three rares, one of which has life, everything else is a unique. Actually, you only have two pieces of gear with life on them (chest and belt). You're running a tri-curse setup (why even have tri curses?). You don't have point blank which means facetanking is *definitely* a no-go. You didn't take the large wand wheel above witch. Did you even read the guide? Or did you read "wander under 1 ex" and then think you could do that with whatever garbage gear you had lying around and some half-assed passive tree? Follow the guide, man. Don't just read 5% of it, throw together some garbage, and then come post about how your garbage is garbage.

I'm going to assume I'm being trolled. In which case, good job you got me twice.
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is this build still viable since i noticed the tree changed since the build was made I've been running queen wander finder and was looking at trying something new
Well something gonna be nerfed that was overlooked - vaal pact. Cannot facetank, cannot use bunch of extra utility flasks.
very squishy - low life, low defenses, doesn't build to evasion

low dps - even white mobs are a struggle - far too often mobs are in your face and there's no tanking in this build

perfect example of why PoE's targeting system sucks - mouse targeting just doesn't cut it in PoE anymore

frankly, it's more of a disservice to the community - especially new players - to publish this build guide

get used to seeing this:

You have died!
Resurrect in town
Resurrect at checkpoint

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