Path of Exile and Twitch Prime Set To Partner Up Next Week!

Oh and right before this they screwed us over again, making twitch streamers unable to help their viewers because they say its RMT if a streamer feels good doesnt even has a sub button and wants to give away 1 item.
You thought there was a message here? you just got scammed...
That's really lame GGG.
If you are letting only a few countries get free MTX then at least give it for free to everyone at least in one day or at a discounted price.
What gear/MTXs is the character in this video wearing?
Or at least put said Items on sale for the rough total of the Twitch Prime Subscription Cost to make it fair for people who *have* to resort to buying it since Twitch Prime isn't available in their countries. Which is $5.00 more or less.
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What if your Amazon prime account is not the same email as your Path of Exile account?
Oh god so much whine instead of just using some VPN for 5 minutes, getting bonuses, if u really need those, and continue playing.
Grow81 wrote:
Detr wrote:
Grow81 wrote:

While you are talking about Amazon Prime, which was launched in more than 200 countries in December 2016

lol, wp Amazon Prime, launching in more countries than the world has..

Worldwide, there are 251 countries, including 195 independent states (UN member states). But this has nothing to do with the topic :)

just out of curiosity, what are the 56 conutries you recognize as countries without being independent states? (offtopic for sure, but still interesting :) )
Detr wrote:

just out of curiosity, what are the 56 conutries you recognize as countries without being independent states? (offtopic for sure, but still interesting :) )

Judging by the question, if countries are not recognized by someone, then they do not need services?
Strange point of view :/
Whatever these states are and wherever they are, I am sure there are people playing this game and it is quite possible that they support financially.
And those "200 countries" are mentioned in the press release of Amazon itself, I think they know better where to spread their services.
And as you rightly noted, it's offtopic, if you're interested - find this information yourself, expand your horizons.
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well nice for players that can get this but i feel kinda screwed. I already invested alot in this game and probely will do more in the future. Now i can't get this free thing because i live in the wrong area. The Netherlands is sadly not included.

I hope people from country's that are not included atm can get some kind of compensation. Missing out on such nice skins for free feels realy realy bad :(
Bearpauw wrote:
Lol so much qq over an MTX. Guess you better quit the game!

You do know that people will quit because of this? why would you keep playing and support a racist promotion that doesnt even include all 1st world countries, which is even more racist because i think there are more 2nd world countries then 1st world countries, (dont recall me on that i can be wrong)
but i think they should cancel this ''promotion'' just because we have to pay for mtxes that are free for other countries, im against that, and i will not play this game as much as i did in the past untill the company will say sorry for this bullshit promotion, and for who says that this cant be avaible to all countries i will tell you this it is, because you can make 1 link to a certain page or website and then check if they are logged in on and giving everyone who goes there stuff whatever the promotion is, and actually GGG is a fan sponsored product, (i saw someone saying its not) but google it, GGG started with kickstarter and you can say yeah but now youre just complaining because you dont get it or you complain because you cant join it, but ive never been a fan of purple, its just unfair that a ton of countries which support this game, maybe even helped with kickstarter to get this company started get excluded from this ''promotion'' and im against this promotion and will never purchase any supporter packs anymore in the future unless GGG says sorry for this bullshit promotion.

Holy fuck the entitlement is real. For your glorious ignorance GGG has ran promotions for regions that allowed them to acquire MTXes that were exclusive to those regions, oh the insanity of it! So many people quit because they didn't get some lackluster MTXes, man there is NOTHING other than naked greed and immaturity on display here.

You don't deserve an apology, you deserve a goddamned mute.

Fuck them for trying to get attention for the game by making deals with outlets that can provide new players so its better for everyone who enjoys the game, just because YOU didn't some pixels everyone be damned.

Also check the definition of racism you ignorant twit, it doesn't mean what you think it means.
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