Path of Exile and Twitch Prime Set To Partner Up Next Week!

Gotta say that I'm not a fan of geoblocked promotions. Thumbs down.
wtf, so people are easily to get this free, but my country (The Netherlands) is excluded :X lame!!
Good way to fuck over many of the player base!
Sarno wrote:
I'm against this.

Twitch Prime is only available in a handful of countries. GGG's staff live in New Zealand - not a single employee can avail of this promotion. I honestly think that's ridiculous.

Completly agree, Im really upset now :( from Hungary (Europe)
"Twitch Prime is currently only available to customers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy."

Sounth America, Asia, and most of Europe wont be able to get it. That's unfair. The people that won't be able to get the MTX are, probably, the largest group of players.

If you are going to give away free MTX, everybody should be able to get it.
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As a resident from Quebec, I cannot get Twitch Prime without subscribing to Amazon Prime for 13 months (no free trial allowed), so basically I will have to pay 79$CAN to get Amazon Prime + Twitch Prime + The 3 MTXs...

That really sucks guys.

Why do partnerships have to involve exclusive MTXs ?
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Time to use some VPN mumbo jumbo.
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When people rage because other people can get things for free.

I understand where they're coming from, maybe needs a concurrent event so other people can earn the MTX too.
GGG loves it's players but this is to try and get extra exposure to people who have prime and either don't know what PoE is or haven't tried playing it. It does suck that it's not something readily available for all the current player base.

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