Path of Exile and Twitch Prime Set To Partner Up Next Week!

Sorry! Twitch Prime isn’t available in your country.
Sorry! Twitch Prime isn’t available in your country.
Sorry! Twitch Prime isn’t available in your country.
Sorry! Twitch Prime isn’t available in your country.
Tagging at the end that we can "buy" these MTX's at a later date is a bit rich. As a kiwi this is pretty disappointing.

PR have failed royally here.
So if our coutry isn't available we get the possibility to pay for something others get for free...gee thanks! /s

Now I don't need these MtX as I have plenty anyway, it's kind of a dick move though.
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Twitch Prime is not available in my country but there is still a way to get it. I already done it when Hearthstone partnered with Twitch Prime. It's just going to be the same process. I kinda don't like the portal though. The only difference is it's color.
"it will be up for sale someday don't worry"

Yeah... and those who are in the area easily can take that for free..

seems fair

As someone who doesn't have twitch prime, but can get the free trial to get these for free: I have to agree - I'm not fond of this. In game rewards for signing up with a third company is a bit 'shady' to start with, and that such a large portion of the player base can't get it even if they want.

Honestly, I won't take advantage of this, just because I don't feel it's fair to the rest of the players. As much as I support PoE, I also support the player base. I won't support a third party company in a move that screws over so many loyal players.
GG GGG most players can't even get those MTX.
What are the implications of connecting our Path of Exile account to Twitch ?
"This promotion is only available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy" faking RACIST!
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
'Sorry, you live in a wrong country, this nice MTX is reserved for the 1st world citizens.'

Ironically, GGG itself is located in a 'second class' country.

That's just stupid. Find a way to get sponsorships/partnerships without segregating your players.

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