Extension of Legacy League

it doesnt change beta and 3.0 release date so , most people dont care about this.

nice attempt but it wont change anything.
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I've been waiting to play my standard characters, using gear from legacy, so I'm disappointed by this.

You guys KILLED standard zana for legacy league. Standard players really need some love. The temp league should have ended and GGG should have ran events on standard, like adding legacy content (or at least breach!) to standard for 2 months.

Now standard will have completely broken zana mods with barely any league content for at least 5 months straight. That's a pretty harsh snub to ~15% of your playerbase.
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Exile009 wrote:
Vaydra wrote:
I hope the challenges will be deactivated during the extension so that they are not trivialised!

I don't get this attitude. The challenges aren't like the PoE races - it's not about being on top. If more people complete the challenges, that doesn't in any way affect the challenge rewards that the people who already have completed them have earned. Why does it trouble you so to see more folks getting ahead, given that it doesn't cost you anything?

12 week challenge league extended by 4-6 weeks. That's an up to 50% extension! That significantly reduces the challenge to the point where you just have to play the 18 weeks to get stuff done accidently or not.

So that does "affect the challenge rewards that the people who already have completed them have earned". Oh nice you got that portal from the league were everyone who played for 18 weeks got one .... no challenge, no sense of achievement. #FeelsBadMan
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muir wrote:
Dumb. Let Perm Leagues Thrive for once.

Not like people are going to suddenly start playing standard anyway. If they didn't extend Legacy, I'd be off playing something else instead. Standard is just a pointless landfill.

Glad to see this, it was the right decision!!

Now racers can race, beta players can beta, and the rest of us can either continue having fun with Legacy or go do something else until 3.0.

Now we just need those new supporter packs...

VKpD wrote:
Was really hoping for a couple 1 or 2 week races. Haven't touched legacy league in several weeks. Not going to start a new character in a half dead league with no idea when it ends.

It's worth considering that this decision could work out well for people such as yourself who were looking forward to the races (which are still happening, according to the post).

Consider: Under the previous plan there would have been a lot of orphaned league players who normally wouldn't play the races and GGG would need to make sure some of the race content catered to these players, perhaps diluting its appeal for those that actually liked races.

This change allows GGG to focus on giving racers the races they want while leaguers get to keep playing in the league as they want.

That seems pretty win-win, on the whole.
Thats great, better than stuck just in STD ....

Please can you consider if in future, will be possible use leaguestones even when legacy ends?
Better than let league stones rot in remove only tabs ...
Maybe same as if you boost map with sacrifical fragments? you can put map and 3 leaguestones to map device and it will consume 1 charge when map activated, like its now, but without special legacy tab ...

Will be great I think for STD players as well and for others too between leagues when stuck in STD ...

Edit: Can you boost droprate for blue leaguestones (or add rare 4 mode ones) to make it more interesting? :)
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Vaydra wrote:
Oh nice you got that portal from the league were everyone who played for 18 weeks got one .... no challenge, no sense of achievement. #FeelsBadMan
So what you're saying is the only challenge is how much time one can afford to spend during a league? and the only difference between "good" and "bad" players is exactly that, how many hours per day one can spend? Doesn't look like a challenge to me.
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
Bullshit! people voted for an all active league... I dont know a single person who enjoyed legacy league aka stash tab simulator 2017
What if I just want my stuff in standard?

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