Extension of Legacy League

If you are extending this league at least make some improvements to leaguestones, come on.
gibbousmoon wrote:
mirificel wrote:
Hemmingfish wrote:

Yeah, I saw at least 10 people request it. Obviously that's a large majority of players. Bloody hell, I was looking forward to a new filler league.

+1 "Overwhelming" the 10 people still playing this flashback league posted that they would like to play some more but little they know, the only reason they are still playing this stupid league is because they are new to the game and ofc they could play it for even 6 months if you give it to them... the rest of us veteran players are left staring at forums posts for almost 2 months now :)

Speak for yourself, "veteran player."

I really don't understand everyone's beef with this. This is an additional OPTION. If you don't like the Legacy League, then don't play in it!

Unlike some aspects of the game, this is a truly optional one.

I for one am delighted with this decision, as I actually have a life and find that leagues often run a little too short for my tastes. Furthermore, this is my favorite league of all time.

"veteran player" means that you already played the game for over 5k hours not that you been lurking on this page for years... you know actually playing the game not opening the game sitting in ho and browsing pages, even having your happy life actually playing the game for 1-2h a day 3-4 days a week in 2 months you would be sick of this nothing new league with a stupid stone sistem... but i guess in your case you could have a 10 year old account and still be one of the new people to the game.
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waoooo more legacy to play thx very much ggg
Dear GGG can u consider to add orbs slots (maybe near glove and boots)or a portable slot sack and increse stack cause whit the add of all this items cards,stones,splinetrs etc the inventory space is really limited now and get full in 2 seconds mostly of the time doing a finder character is useless cause no inventory space all the time.I think it can improve the game playability . sorry for the poor english :D ... great game ever! !
Quite surprised to see all these negative responses about league extension trivializing the challenges, begrudging the fact now other fellow players have additional time to complete them. Let's just rejoice that other players who love this game have the chance to catch up on their challenges. Perhaps I'm too casual of a player to see it the other way around.

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The league is already dead !
Bad idea to extend
Better 1 month new league with new prizes, to attract people to play.
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I love the 5 people telling everyone that they've never seen anyone enjoy anything in their life..

Meanwhile, the normal people just have fun with the game ..

i realy don't understand people saying:
-"but we wanted something different"
-"league is dead"
-"mimimi easymode challanges"
-"but reddit said..."

however i do understand people wanting to use their gear/leaguestones/zanas in standard.
That's ridiculous. Lamest decision ever. Can we get flashback 1 month league with some prizes at least? HC Legacy is dead literally.
blazedance wrote:
That's ridiculous. Lamest decision ever. Can we get flashback 1 month league with some prizes at least? HC Legacy is dead literally.

Explain please how is this "ridiculous" compared to a situation where there is only Standard and the Events/Beta?

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