The Fall of Oriath: Beta FAQ

Î'm in for Xbox One beta \o/
So excited for this!!! :D
Kingoko wrote:
MasterAxe wrote:
Great so a month of nothing but stupid meaningless events. GUess they dont mind losing players to other games while they just stay here in limbo.

Play std then :P

I have tried, trust me, there just is no desire. Even though i hate the stupidly short leagues being only 3 months, its still better than logging in to play in Standard.
Can't wait!
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Will there be a Beta for the Xbox One version at the same time?
Yes, though we aren't ready to announce the details yet.

But why? :'-( I've already bought Xbox One waiting for news about the Xbox one version :'-(
Ah, I can get in the beta than. Haha. All the packs and points i've spent has probably surpassed $900 :) Can't wait for this
Can u define " Active Player"??

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Bex_GGG wrote:
ghosthell wrote:
oh damm... character is destroyed after the beta :(

i have a one question ? The Legacy supporter pack will always be accessible or replace by new supporter pack for the beta ?

The Legacy Supporter Packs will end with the Legacy Leagues.

is that the reason you can't keep legacy running alongside the beta?
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And with the Beta are the new languages included?

Keep going on with the good work
So flying to Aukeland and finding Chris's house, and holding a stereo over my head blasting Peter Gabriels "In your eyes", 24 hours a day, following him everywhere for 3 weeks till he finally caves in and gives me a beta key is a bad idea?

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