The Fall of Oriath: Beta FAQ

If buying the 30$ Supporter pack makes me break the 500$ Mark will I get two keys so I can share one with a friend?
aw man ive spent £90 and been around since 2014 and i dont get one this sucks for real
So where do I download the beta client? I just bought a pack to get my key (I'm not using Steam, neither will I.)
i miss the beta timer lol :( luckily i was just informed about this beta and new content on a diablo 3 post via facebook lol.. i havent played poe in a while(dont play d3 either) but definitely looking forward to getting back into the game.. trying to rally my friends to come back too.. with some luck ill get in this beta.. dont think my purchases reach the 500 dollar threshold unfortunately but ive always said if i was going to pay for a game.. this is the game!!
If only I had the funds to buy into the beta :[ Looks nice
Forcing a character reset on release of new acts is terrible, nobody is going to extensively test builds, skill and zones when you have to literally re-farm things on every major addition to the beta.

Either add an option to reset your progression, or simply don't reset any progression on act releases, players can simply level a new character like they would, not use any leveling gear, and heavens forbid their masters will be higher level, they may also.. CHOOSE not to use the higher level enchants while progressing.

Think of those trying out SSF in the beta, nobody will want to re-play SSF several times to (probably not) find build defining uniques to test again every time.
This is awesome!
If I hit the $500 support limit while the Beta runs do I still get a key? if yes where do I get notified?
what happened to the 500-1k player beta invites per day? do people really get free beta keys?

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