A Preview of 3.0.0 Environments

This is simply Beautiful!
WoW o.O
Seeing is believing
That's awesome. I love how things are going great for 3.0 but i think rocks in this video still looking bad, i wish it will be upgraded too.
Last edited by Karz on May 5, 2017, 5:16:42 AM
well I'm impressed! This is going to be grand. How do I sign up for the Beta?
I c no diff...bhà
♪ ♫ . M u s i c I s T h e A n s w e r . ♫
RNG = Common taboo affect video game players who believe in "fortune" instead of Decimal fraction.
Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
nice job GGG
just launch 3.0 asap!
FrogMastr wrote:
Just hoping will still be able to play, actually playin wth a core2 duo, 8 gb ram, std hdd , and besides somt "lags" when opening strongboxes, or near shrines... still playable... hoping will be able to continue!
Your Cpu is fine , its a vga based game more than a cpu based so if ur vga is decent its still very playable for u.

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