Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath brings six new acts and many new areas! In addition to these significant changes, we're also making smaller improvements to existing environments. We've created a sneak preview video of some of these environmental updates.

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Some of those places look nice enough to live in. Splashy water, too. :-)
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Hell yea.
>> Allow Home and End keys to quickly travel through the Stash!!!
Hmmm, they look a little derivative of current content.
There is some new stuff, but it feels a bit recycled. Although given how many new acts there are, cutting some corners is to be expected.

PS: Although having actually read the initial post, that does seem to be the point, it's more of an update then new content. Thou I think in that case a side by side comparison would have worked better.
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Twerking like a 90 year old man, yeah baby!
wow (💮=◡=)
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Last scenario looks a bit like a new hideout tileset?
Or maybe new lab tileset, looks like it has some traps or something.

Anyway, HYPE!
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