A Preview of 3.0.0 Environments

Its looks amazing!! waterwalk in the end, looks a dream comes true in Poe world =))...

I was one the first beta testers Augusti 2011, and what a journey you made sense then!!
I am veteran i have follow Poe sense November 2010.
Shovelcut wrote:
Serleth wrote:
Am I the only one who is in LOVE with how good Andrew's doing with SFX lately?

Those footsteps in the water are GORGEOUS.

Nope, the SFX sound juicy! Gonna have to play with headphones for the first play-through just to take it all in. :D

I noticed there are actually different sounds for the depth of the water -- one for 'fully submerged' and one for 'about to get out'. That's *awesome*.

Yup, water has been the focus for GGG in 2017 so far. It keeps getting better and better. Now I am hoping for improved SFX for sand and muddy grounds too. I hope snow gets the special treatment too since it is going to make its debut in 3.0. :)
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016


An old argument, but still relevant. I mean, this game has always had gorgeous hand-crafted graphical assets that the majority of people ignore. I think it's sort of like what WETA did with Lord of the Rings. Their attention to detail with the props was ludicrous: they went so far as to etch the *insides* of some of the elven armour. Why?! Because they loved what they were doing and it helped make the whole thing feel more authentic to them. And that matters. It matters because paying attention to details that the viewer won't see is part of the overall product, which of course includes what the viewer will see.

And not everyone plays the way you've cited with that gif. In fact, I'd hazard that's an exception to the overall rule, given I know a few things about the overall playerbase that hardcore no-lifers would find very hard to accept, such as which quest and in which difficulty most stop playing.

And I can tell you it's not The Eternal Nightmare in Merciless.

this gif is the worst-case scenario

but even with non-meta slow build most of the screen is a colorfull clown fiesta full of distorted 'mess'

i do not like it. i think that ggg went waaaay overboard with a) speed of everything b) size of everything c) palette saturation of everything (breach.. good lord..)

and while i appreciate the preview (i really do, ive spent some years in gfx industry and learned to appreciate these things a lot) i think that they are simply giving with one hand and taking away with another

i know you avoid any kind of meta builds but try something that is far from the meta - fire nova mine. even with relatively clunky (yet very pleasant to play) gameplay - without vaal haste and 150% movement speed etc - the game just zooms by. distorted, obscured by THRONGS of mobs, obscured by messy visuals that simply do not scale well.

btw - these stats you cite are nothing secret. ggg might not have revealed theirs but every game out there has a 'long tail' adoption ratio. with most falling out in twillight strand and only the minority reaching maps. no secret here. every game has this 'problem' (that is more of a reality than a problem). ggg did little to ease the pain of new players over the years - there were some efforts but game this convoluted (it is not complex anymore it is simply convoluted and im afraid to say - bloated in some areas) simply rejects new players

and then there is the 'playerbase' that needs new players only to scam them from their wealth (and here ggg sadly did absolutely nothing to stop this). i wonder if players are more likely to quit because of bland water texture or maybe because being robbed in game is not fun. but it is ggg's game.
Looks gorgeous.
TenTonBlue wrote:
rockdog2161 wrote:
TenTonBlue wrote:
Furthermore, I just want to know about changes to Life. I play a lot of melee and I would like to actually feel like im not screwing myself by choosing to be attack based.

Clearly this was the thread they were going to talk about life changes... they just forgot.

No they were showing off environments in this video, did you watch it?

No mate, I am waiting for an update on the future state of Life. Is it any good?
Clever reuse of resources. The Ledge, the Sewers and Weavers nest. Oh, and Fairgraves ship lol.
Looking for Release Date please
Feeling the hype train
Shame I won't see these beautiful sceneries and effects on my potato spec laptop. Though graphics were never really a major factor for me when playing games so its all good. In the end this is not an adventure type of game, just lemme kill monsters and Ill be fine.

Btw. Sid wouldn't be sid without popping in and adding his "clearspeed meta and powah!" to every thread. Yeah, we know. Yeah, not everyone plays shaped strands all day long with sub min builds.
Okay, look, the video opens with frog noises, and that's really all I care about.
FYI: It's not a fantasy story, it's a cosmic horror story.

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