Improvements to NPC Models

poor tarkleigh, he sell u armors and stuff, but he cant afford have two of the same shoe....

is that o he his the ultimate hybrid character. using half a boot pair in each feet XD
Expect an impending Cease and Desist order from Uma Thurman...
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Nice, I can appretiate mai waifu Nesa in HD now!

What a time to be alive.
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Everything's getting buffed eh? AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
*immediately looks at the new models*

Well they're not much of an improvem-

*glances at the current models*


They really needed replacing. Dat Tarkleigh eye...
Such a huge improvement for tark tark.
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Big thx GGG for this great game :)
I like the new models but personally don't think they are as good as the old ones. The characters don't have the worn down look anymore. Like they haven't survived falling off a boat and drifting unconscious to shore or something just as horrible. Tarkleigh looks a bit too confident to be warding off the enemy at the gate at any moment to me.
HOT! (Nessa ain't bad either) ;)

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