Improvements to NPC Models

Great Work GGG.
It's really nice that these ugly mofos get their faces lifted BUT please give the marauder a facelifting too. His ugly head made me buy this mtx years ago:
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New tarlckegh
new Tarkleigh is mathil!!!
Tarkleigh like Mathil kkk
Awww, they Gave Tarkleigh a sandal for his bare foot :)
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Perhaps we can get some improvements to Playable Character models first? lol
I mean, we look at them most of all, and Marauder still looks like a sun-blinded playdough pug.
Bring back the old Shadow animations, too. No one held a staff cooler than that guy.
Yea! Better animations for everybody..!

I'm not hating, I'm just saying. I'd really appreciate graphical improvements for the exiles. o/ <3
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Though I'm glad to see my favorite Nessa's model to be improved, I'm perplexed, where did you found such an ugly her "before" model for comparison? Even with moderate settings on my PC, Nessa's "before" model looks much better than yours. Or it is another cheap marketing move to show-off how much work you did by showing most ugly model on purpose?

Do_odle wrote:
Perhaps we can get some improvements to Playable Character models first?

Agree, +1. Was asking for that before. Also some changes to characters when they ascend, like longer hair for ranger. When she ascends, her look improves greatly on portrait, but model still runs with ugly army cut.
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JohnNamikaze wrote:
Going to miss old Nessa.
nooo, don't be like that, we need new nessa, i love the new tark
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