Developer Q&A - Answers Part 5

god i hope by minimap he means the overlay, that thing is garbage. In a bright map you cant read the fucking thing. Some maps i have to run to a dark corner just to read it. Ten kinds of Terrible...

Amazed you've answered so many questions.

Thanks GGG. :)
I would like more specific answers rather this teasing, but still, at least some information provided about the course where PoE is heading.
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Ty for scam <3
Monday, October 23rd - Developer Q & A - Answers Part 54 where they dodge 3.0 details and answer such griping questions as: Which do you like better Dogs or Cats, and What is your favorite blue based color...
Big thanks for answering my ShaderCache question as well as answering so many questions at all.

However I agree with K4r4k4s4 and hontodeska that the current state isn't ideal and rethinking how the shaders are handled would benefit the smoothness of the game.

As for my unanswered second question that concerned the 12 GB Steam GGPK that gets copied on the disk during patching, which takes very long... I suppose you've omitted the question because either you're happy with it as it is, or don't have the resources to rework the system and don't want to bring it up.

I understand you have other priorities than rewriting parts of the game that have some unfortunate decisions wired into them. And surely people buying new computers and SSD drives makes some of them go away somewhat as time goes by. However PoE can sometimes be a freezefest even on newer machines. When 3.0 comes, it there will be even more data to be stored and more effects to be rendered. Perhaps then you'll find some time to look into things that needed an overhaul for quite some time now.
I guess it's either 1 or 38,000. Nothing in between, right?
What type of mtx can we expect in new support packs :D? Time for mtx for rings !!!

Oh and PANTS!
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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There is no UI button to open inventory via mouse without opening additional menu.

There used to be, but no one clicked it.

So GGG is making assumptions now? Becuase I surely would love to be able to open my inventory thorugh mouse click...
Chris wrote:
Will there be option implemented for showing possible rolls on unique items stats by pressing a certain key?

We've been considering this recently. More news once it's decided!

Awesome! I hope the same will be true for rares as well? For example: hold down Alt to get roll ranges of each stat the item currently has.

Chris wrote:
Do you plan on using the same vendor for PoE t-shirts for supporter packs going forward?

The next packs likely have two different shirts available, at different tiers. The one in the cheaper pack uses the same vendor as the last shirts, and the one in the more expensive pack is printed with a different type of shirt that is more premium (higher thread-count) and slim-fitting. We'll publish more information about the sizing once the packs go live!

"slim-fitting"? As in both premium and slim-fitting together, or premium shirts with a slim-fitting option? I'm not a "slim" gamer here. Will the same sizes be offered?

Chris wrote:
Are we going to see any updates to the minimap in the near future?


Awesome. Now... details? ;-)
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I can understand about Characters, or even about effect. But account feature and everything being LOST for XBOX version VERY VERY unhappy!!!!

At least you could guve us possibility to "link" GGG account with a MS account so we could "transfert" MTX or have some kined of "point" allocation as a bonus for supporting core PC game and playsing also the Xbox version....

What would be the point to buy FOO pack for BETA. And not be able to use it on XBOX Wasted Points :(

Really not happy about this one am i the only one???

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