Developer Q&A - Answers Part 5

What about exchanging two columns from our inventory for one more row? The number of slots would stay the same, but at least the space could be used more efficiently.

I would also like an option to expand the stash window to have two tabs open side by side, maybe even being able to move tabs faster by dragging a tab from one side over the other.
Chris wrote:
What about the delay to place and remove items in the guild stash?

This is the communication with the main database. It's necessary so that other people can see the items immediately!

Can't you just update the stash contents once the user entering items stops adding new items for a few seconds? Maybe allow locking of the stash contents to allow this and require a permission level to be set to allow the lock to be placed?

A fast edit check box that while checked locks others out of the tab and allows a single user to rapidly edit the contents as if it were a personal stash.

then they can either manually unlock it or it unlocks automatically when closed, tab changed, or the user logs out, and maybe time out for idle time and the contents update for everyone else in the guild once it unlocks?

It seems like this could be done without every end user needing to understand database limitations which cause the slow down we deal with currently.

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Is there a buff/rework planned for Dominating blow?
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
Okay and when is Season 3 coming out? Aproximetly.
One handed builds, because i like to eat while playing
still waiting auction and buff on life that are ridiculously low compared to es
Cool cool!
"The current plan is between two and four"

That's referring to skill gems. The number between two and four is three. A triangle has three sides. Gem has three letters, just like the word 'eye'.

Illuminati confirmed.
Have you ever considered doing a flashback league, going back to the closed beta times? Times where 60 was endgame, with 2 acts and 4 difficulties, as well as the old passive tree. I think it would be an interesting way to show how game has changed throughout the years, as well as giving some good ol' memories for the veterans of this game.
I sometimes feel that something was lost that day.

based chris. lemme tell you, you're not the only one feeling that way, because the game really lost something that day. In my Opinion
permanent allocation was a mistake.
We have heard a while ago that we would eventually be able to buy hideout layouts. Is this still planned?

Yes, we plan a hideout revamp at some stage when we get time. There are a few cool hideout tilesets that will be available for sale alongside the ones that are currently offered by Masters in game.

I want Dominus Tower, with the rain balcony please!!!
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