Developer Q&A - Answers Part 5

You are spoiling us
dear devs

according to this the keystone Minion Instability is only supported by a few selected skill gems. this feels very non-intuitive and i wanted to know if it's even true?

why is not for example Elemental Focus supported, or the (helmet) essence of horror-craft "Socketed Gems deal 30% more Elemental Damage"

is it possible that minion instability doesn't follow the rules of being a "fire hit" like other fire skills, i.e. won't double dip ? (initial hit enhancement & ignite enhancement in one damage mod)
KGabQr wrote:
2-4 new gems? very few....

Yea, there hasn't been much exciting skills of recent and have pretty much stagnated for wand and bow skills. There's only been area effect blast types, multi-shots, sentry supports and rapid shots(barrage). Would like to see ranged cyclone, cluster, homing variations or other innovative ones.
Folded into the core game going forward (like Torment, Anarchy or Tempest)

Wait, Tempest is core game? Or did you mean Prophecy by that?
Are we going to see any updates to the minimap in the near future?


Waiting for this since OB!
Are there any improvements for Cyclone planned...

Yes. You'll hear some more news about this later this week.

great, though I doubt they'll make it behave the way I want to, which is to not move in a path (and have a mana cost each time) but to move like regular movement and have a mana cost per second.

When are you going to add a reason to enter the Dread Thicket?

There's currently a reason to go there half the time.

and what is that reason? what a poor answer
edit* I know it's a reference now

...Current inventory is sort of old diablo mechanic, today there is no pros from it.

The constrained inventory with large items is vital because it gives items weight and makes them feel important...

I disagree

It's also used in the pacing of how often return trips to town are

In a negative way

and a way to limit the item output of maps.

In a arpg where there are several layers of RNG, it's very hard to obtain a item with the mods that you want on it, and virtually impossible for them to all roll perfectly. Why implement a limit, why hinder the player, why force more grinding.

Why no easy selling items to vendor?

Right clicking is used in the vendor for identification currently. Requiring two clicks or ctrl+click also helps prevent accidental sales.

You can make it middle mouse button instead of right. There are no accidental sales because you need to confirm the transaction. You could also merge buying and selling in the same window, separated by tabs and include dialogs also as a tab, so that when you click a vender, you access directly buying and selling.

Are we going to see any updates to the minimap in the near future?


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While I agree that there should be a limited amount of stash space, each challenge league has put more and more stuff into the game. It would be nice if it just increased by one more tab so the crazy amount of items in the future won't completely overwhelm us.
im_a_manatee wrote:
will fishing ever be a thing?

Fishing is already a thing... ;)
Custom leagues confirmed :P
When night falls
She cloaks the world
In impenetrable darkness
sounds interesting
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