Legacy League Statistics

Other than statistically verifying what we already know (that Tempest and Rampage are crap) who really cares what the breakdown is. Looks like GGG doesn't have anything they want to share with us on upcoming PoE 3.0.0 and also nothing on what the beta PoE 3.0.0 filler league will be. If Legacy is a standard 3 month league then is looks like there will be a couple of months for the beta PoE 3.0.0 league.

Oh joy of joys, we all get to be beta testers! What wonderful bugs (another DC or lag death again {sic}) we will find! Unless the filler league has something great (which it probably won't) I'll pass on it.
"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
Can we get stats on the other part of this league, the relic keys?

It'd be interesting to see how many people are finding and what people are getting out of them.
Of course Breach is the most popular. It offers a great amount broken uniques after you nerfed the shit out of everything. Combat is still crap and easy. Jesus GGG, are you even trying?
how about challenges
Gaming Life
The statistic is exactly like what i played, Perandus and Breach are my favorite stone, Tempest the least favorite, except for achieve challenge and trade for vendor, it is literally useless.
So basically 123 ppl open breach and 119 will not do this... what a great amount of important information !!! Now that i know that i can finally achieve my goals in live !
Imagine the power we now have achieved by knowing this really REALLLY really REALLLLYYY important piece of information.
I can`t believe they gave it away free...
And with that knowledge we can now fix the lagg the fps drops the bugged builds the 0 optimized resource usage and the broken controlled by 10 ppl game economy ! FINALLY this game is gonna improve
Game's still crashing frequently in loading screen. Very annoying when I just want to portal to hide out for selling and lose my seller because of crash. Is this going to get fixed ever?
Please GGG make Breaches permanent ...
Yup, makes sense. Thanks for sharing, GGG. :-)

Because players want loot, blessings, and 0.1% doing endgame grind for breachlords obsessively, which skews numbers

Chance at end-game gear and perandus chests challenge (provided you're not offered crap rings and flasks too often)

For headhunter and the nemesis challenge

For crafting and the claim essences challenge.

Ambush, Bloodlines, Anarchy, Beyond, Onsalught, Invasion, Domination
For the associated challenge.

Talisman, Rampage, Prophecy, Torment, Tempest
Most of these suck, but at least three of them help with challenges. As for Rampage and Tempest, complete garbage. Rampage only used for one task of one challenge (Encounters II), and Tempest is the red-haired orphan that no one wants.

So, really, no surprise on these numbers.
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what about percentages of challenges completed!!???

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