Legacy League Statistics

brut3forc3r wrote:
Well, as expected Tempest is shit. 3 seconds of buff for wasting 4-5 seconds, who would have thought that only corrupting and magic find tempest will get used with that kind of crap mechanic.

Radiating are worth it on well rolled maps with sextants, I agree.
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Thief's eh
You make my ochinchin go doki doki.

making good prophecy stones rare just leads to them being considered rubbish overall. what a pointless stone to include
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But I'm glad to know that some people can actually play and use leaguestones.
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I had dabbled in poe ages ago and now coming back to it as this league launched it has been a blast to get to sample all the old leagues like this. Once i figured out the league mechanics my preference has pretty much been like this, though i do like farming up essences.
Wish breach would come to the core game.
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While these stats are nice to have

They dont tell much, cuz these numbers are simply the drop chances of the different leaguestone with a slight variation from leaguestone recipe

Most people just run the leaguestone they find, so the "what is the most ran mod" is useless to know especially since they are corrupted, people cant roll them to get a desired mod

What cool information we could have got from this are the league population distribution, something we didnt have for like 4 years now

How many reliquiary key have been used,
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Romulas19 wrote:
Wish breach would come to the core game.

I suspect it will, theres a heap of content they will have to throw out if they dont include it in some way
Plop !
Oh sweet Tempest leaguestone. Rest in Piece

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